so i know a this point i know i shouldn't be worried. its not that im worreid im just hurt. my boyfreind promised me last night that he would skype with me this morning (which was last night to him. he's in japan) and he was online when i woke up and i tried calling him and he didn't answer. i texted his phone in case he wasn't in his room and even called his cell and he never answered. he was supposed to go out with his buddies to some bars and a beach i guess. but then he left a comment on facebook and never texted me even though he knew i wanted him to let me know he was ok. im just kinda hurt he didn't answer me and im frustrated that he does this every once in a while. i was just wondering if other girls deal with this and if its normal or if my boyfriend is being a lil bit of a jerk. :( i love him to death and i dont want to lose him. this long distance is so hard!
MyMarinesHunny MyMarinesHunny
18-21, F
Jul 17, 2010