Im No Longer A Marine Girlfriend

well ladies he broke up with me today saying im not ready and i cant handle the military life and that hes sick of me looking over his shoulder trying to catch him doing something bad and we had problems he left me for another girl in the past so thats why and i begged and pleadded with him to give me a chance but no luck 

his parents talked to him and **** and he said that are realtionship wasnt as strong going in and it fell apart and that maybe after mct or mos he will think about getting back together idk im not sure and hes like watch who you say semper fi too and **** and hes like we are still firends and you can text me anytime at any day anytime and that he still loves me and gave me a big hug and kissed me on my forehead and told me i can keep his dog tag

but it hurts so bad i screamed i yelled i begged i pleaded  he said he was sick of drama but i felt like he was  avoiding me and treating me like **** im so lost and so hurt i know this is terrible but i feel the only way to relive my pain is to cut but im not idk what to do though im lost with out him right now and he said hes giving me chances through everything ugh i cant believe it happend i miss him i wanna die i feel like something is gone and im never going to get him back ugh  im so scared i dont know when ill stop crying   idk if hes hurt  or what hes feeling hes done this to me twice and has come back to me but idk girls im so lost and so hurt i wanna just crawl up in a ball and just never come out go into a coma and never come out

thanks ladies for all your support and what not but idk if i will ever be on here again

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yeahh thanks so much

yeahh thanks this post was awhile ago but yeah i understand were you come from and we have talked after the break up and we are i guess friends but we dont talk that much which is fine and i know in my heart that i need to let him go and move on and i have and ive been smiling and happy and im happy for him accomplishing his goal and i told him i still support him and love him and i think he did and we are on good terms now but thank you it helped :)