Gosh, I Love Him!

This whole weekend has been great! Yesterday my sister and I went to Sam Moon for some girl time, and I find out that Jonathan is like 20min away at his grandmas! I got directions and we headed over there after sister time. He surprised me! I knew he was at his grandmas, but I didnt know that I would be seeing him yesterday! It was so nice. He took me and my sister out to eat sushi and we just hung out and had fun! Afterwards I took him back home with me and we stayed up all night! woo then today, I didnt have plans. I slept in and then I get a text from jonathan saying for me to come over, that he can't have enjoy his day without me with him! aww so I went over there and celebrated his pawpaws birthday and had upside down pineapple cake that we baked together (we love cooking food together, so much fun!) then we met up with his buddy that is back home from DC for the army. We all went out to eat and watched a movie! When we dropped his friend off, we went back to his house. Here's the reason I'm really writing!! We went outside and talked for a while. We were talking about the future of course, and he said he cant wait to buy the car from my dad. Then I said, when will you do that? He said in a year and a half when we move in together. I said well we have to be married first you know. And then he said, I know. It'll happen, don't worry. Then he gave me his smile and winked. That just made my heart melt! Man, I love this guy! He is such a romantic and I love it! haha anyway, just made my day, and I thought Id share!

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Yes! I love talking about the future, because it reminds me that Im doing something with my life, Im goin somewhere. Plus, like what you said, it does help to know that you'll be with him again soon enough!!

thats sooo cute! i love when my marine and i talk about the future! it just makes him being gone so much easier! congrats!

thank you! and yes, it's very exciting, and it's all happening so quickly it seems, but I sure am ready for it all!!

Congratulations!! That sounds so exciting and fun! It sounds like you've found the man for you :)