so my boyfriend said yesterday he "just didn't feel like talking". basically he ignored me all day. but then we were fine this morning and he was texting me normally after a while. he seemed upset but keeps telling me nothings wrong. idk its upsetting me. he said it wasn't anything i did tho. im kinda upset too cuz my friend thats a marine as well told me my boyfriend is prolly gonna want space soon cuz he'll be stressed and its only gonna get harder the longer he's gone and my friend doesn't think we'll last the whole time he's gone (2 yrs). he thinks we'll stay friends and my boyfreind will come back to me but he says pretty much every1 breaks up at some point or another. sometimes they get back together and sometimes they dont so im super upset. but then i think of all the girls on ep that have been in my place and made it. idk im confused worried and scared... i want to be with my hunny more than anything. i cant imagine being without him and im so afraid that he's gonna leave me and my friend definitely didn't help my already worried self. i worry a lot as is and thats normal for me but this is really bothering me. im gonna try and talk to my boyfriend and say "what can i do to make this easier for us? how can i help you be happy?" and stuff like that. i told him this morning if he wants his space he needs to tell me or i'll worry like i did when he ignored me. he said ok and that he'll do that but idk im very upset. does any1 have advice? i read into stuff too much i guess. im hoping im just worrying too much
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thanks :) thats what im trying to do. just listen and not bug him. its hard like u said tho cuz he cant lean on me and i cant lean on him :( but im working on it

baby girl dont listen to what other ppl say, all marines take things differently.<br />
sometimes jason says, I just dont feel like talking, I'm not really sure what to say. <br />
doooooooooooont nag him. nagging is the easiest way to push him away.<br />
when jason says things like that I know it's not me, it;s his job.<br />
their jobs are so hard on them and when they dont have us to lean on and tell them things are going to be okay, it only makes things harder.<br />
it's more than likely not you honey, just dont nag him. <br />
just make sure he knows you're on the ready to listen to him vent or give him support if he needs it!<br />
i generally say something like "okay baby well I love you and am here if you need me"