Just Wanting To Cry

Okay so this place is the only place I can seem to vent since no one else I talk to knows what I’m going through. My marine is heading off to boot camp in 21 days. We both thought he was shipping out on the tenth but he’s now shipping out either on the eighth or ninth. It’s getting harder and harder for me to say goodbye to him. Today was our one month anniversary and the date that was his graduation/send-off party. I just wanna spend as much time with him as I can but I know that won’t happen for a bit since the both of us have to work all this next week and the week after that I start dance camp and shortly after that I have marching band camp. I wanna see him as much as I can but idk how much that will be. And as of right now all I can think about is how hard it’s gunna be when he’s gone and it’s making me cry right now. I know I can’t change anything right now but I don’t want him to leave. It’s gunna be so hard. I know we’re not gunna break up when he’s gone cause of things that have happened recently so I know it’s not gunna happen. All I wanna do right now is cry and have a remote with a fastforward button to make the 13 weeks hurry up and be done with. I kinda wish I knew some ppl around here that were going through the same thing
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Hey girl I know it's hard. Just make sure you spend as much time with him as possible. Me I took the week before he left off from work and spent every waking moment with him. It seems impossibly hard right now I know, I was in your shoes 5 weeks ago and I'm not going to lie the day before he leaves will be an emotional train wreck. The first few days you'll feel numb but it REALLY does get better. Just keep yourself as busy as possible those first few days. Once you get your first letter it really help make you feel better and make things easier. It feels like just last week I was in your shoes and now I'm on week 5! I've made a really, really good friend from this website. We talk everyday about whats going on with our Marines and life. Find someone to do that with, even if it's on here you could make life time friendships and you never know where you might be...We're all hear for you!<br />

Im here for you!! My boyfriend leaves for boot camp in October, so time is comin up wayyy too fast! I have lots of stuff goin on school wise too, so every second spent with him is VERY important it seems! I would love to have a fastforward button too, but just think, the time away, no matter how hard, will definitely bring you guys closer! You will cherish the love you guys have, and more importantly, you'll have PLENTY of time to do things on your own. Im sure you're like me and spend almost everyday with him, so it'll be nice to have some time to yourself! Plus school will keep you busy! Keep your chin up girl, and be proud!! :D message me anytime!<br />
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