I'm Not Sure I Can Do This

This boy means the world to me. He's not even in bootcamp yet and I already miss him like crazy. I'm away for the summer and all I get is a phone call every night and text messages. In basic I won't get that. I'll get few and far between letters. Then when he gets sent overseas what will I do? I always said I wouldn't be with a man in the Military because I couldn't handle the stress. Of course I fell for this kid in high school before he ever joined. Don't get me wrong, I'm so proud of him and I couldn't be happier that he joined the Marines. . .I'm just not sure I'm strong enough to stand by his side. What do I do? How do I handle this?
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Bootcamp is hard but you can do it!! My husband graduated bootcamp in January. I thought the same thing before he left...that I wasn't sure I could do it that it would be to hard but believe me you can. You just have to have faith and know that everything is only temporary! Try to stay busy...and there will be hard times but you'll have people to talk to about it. Remember that he is doing something great!! This is not just another job this is why we are here,,,that is something that helped me alot. Just stay strong for him because it will all get to him to, make sure he knows that you are waiting for him. It's stressful sometimes having to be the strong one but it is well worth it. Everything will be okay and you can do it!

i got a letter from my husband every week and i sent him one everyday except sundays b/c mail doesn't run on sundays and yes his letters were about 4 days behind but i sent him one everyday and wrote him every night b4 i went to bed writing was the only thing that helped me make it through and no its not easy but if u love him u can do anything u'll be shocked at what you can do if you love someone with all of your heart and soul

i felt the same way before i met my marine. i told him form the start idk if i can handle you being in japan. but now im so proud of him and its weird but i love him more everyday he's gone. you CAN do it. i stress over everything and i havent had a heart attack yet lol so if i can survive i promise you can. its hard dont get me wrong but having a good man that loves you is worth the wait :) plus you'll have girls on here to offer advice. it does help a lot. and i cant agree more that staying busy makes life easier. just stay strong and determined and you'll be fine! :)

babygirl, boot is the least of your worries.<br />
you'll get letters two at a time and a phone call eventually.<br />
You have to be strong for your man.<br />
you and ya'll will be fine honey!

hey girl , at first i thought that i couldn't handle it either. but me and my fiance have already made it through 1 month of boot and everything is going FINE ! the letters help alot more than you think they will. like , the first 2 weeks i was really down about it and i cried all the time , stayed in bed , couldn't eat bxc i would throw it up. but then , after i got that first letter i knew that he really did love me and he missed me just as much as i missed him. and then a couple letters in , he propsed to me , which made everything even better ! but once the letters start coming in , you should get one at least 2 or 3 times a week , if not more. and all i can tell you is that you need to keep busy and not tink about the situation at all. friends friends friends = what yer going to need ! you need to go shopping , or vacation , or just random things that will make the time go by faster and keep yer miond off of everything. i promise that it's really not that bad. and once he goes overseas you get to talk to him on the phone and you get texts and stuff.. plus you can also video chat with him on the computer , so at least you'll get to see him then (:<br />
everything will be okay , i can promise you that. and the only thing this is going to do is make ya'lls love for each other stronger and ya'll will be able to see just how strong yer love is right now by taking that much time away from each other. and once you see him graduate boot then you'll know that it was all worth it !<br />
but i'm here if you need someone to talk to , i basically got this boot camp thing down pat now , lol. so just message me anytime you need someone to talk to , i get on here like everyday..<br />
just stay strong girl , and keep yer head up (: