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Hey everyone my name is sierra. im sixteen and i've now been with my boyfriend for a year. im new to this whole marines girlfriend thing. he just told me he was joining about a month ago and i have no idea what to expect. i am so proud of him for joining but at the same time im so scared and worried i just dont know what to do! he hasnt even left for bootcamp yet and he doesnt even know when he's supposed to. i just need some advice on what to expect while he's in bootcamp because i have a feeling thats going to be the hardest thing ever not to talk to him. after going from texting him all day everyday and getting a phone call at night i have no idea what im going to do when i have to go two weeks without any type of communication with him. im hoping that i can get to know all of you and yall can help me through this since yall have been through it before.
thanks so much!
- Sierra.
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thank yall so much!<br />
all the information was much needed.<br />
and while i know its still going to be hard, at least i know exactly what to expect now lol.<br />
thanks again ladies!<br />
i hope yall and your men are doing great (:

Hey girl, I'm Sierra and I'm sixteen as well. My fiance left for boot camp in June. Boot camp will be the longest 12 weeks of your life. I won't lie there but after you get your first letter which is around week 3 or so, time will go by much faster. Keep yourself busy, always be occupied by your friends, or family. I usually do little things around the house for my mom, or just go and hang out with friends to keep busy. <br />
<br />
Around week 2 you'll get his address and then you can send him as many letters as your want. I write John almost everyday and I send him pictures too. They love that. And they love knowing that you're there to support them and stick with them through it. It's a tough job to be a Marine's girlfriend/fiance/wife but as long as you stay faithful, it'll get easier and everything will work out. Just spend as much time with your boyfriend as possible and everything will be fine. This website has the greatest girls ever to talk to, and we all support one another. <br />
<br />
Message me if you need anything girl, I'm here to talk. <br />
<br />
Semper Fi <3<br />
<br />
- Sierra.

hi sweet girl.<br />
my name is El.<br />
Jason has been in the marines for going on 10 years, he is going on his 5th deployment (or 6th i cant remember oops) soon. He is the love of my life, will be the father of my children and will one day be my husband.<br />
<br />
boot camp will be fine, I've noticed a lot of ladies are nervous about boot, they'll write u a bunch of letters when they are able and you will most likely get them all at once. they will eventually attempt a phone call which wont be very long, they dont have much time to do anything except what their drill sgt is making them do and when you see them for the first time at graduation your jaw will drop bc they look so much more handsome and grown up..<br />
you and ya'll will be fine.<br />
<br />
Being a marine's girlfriend/wife/fiancee whatever means that you have to be prepared for a life of not knowing. Jason will tell me he's comign home on leave and the day before he's supposed to arrive he'll call and say he can't anymore he has to work. things like that happen all the time and you can be selfish and say "well come home anyway!"<br />
<br />
What I do while jason is gone is I work more, save a lot more money. <br />
I craft a lot, scrap books, making just about anything I can think of, knitting, painting, whatever,<br />
I also spend a lot of time with Jason's mother and talk to her on the phone a lot when I'm feeling a little down or lonely.<br />
Something that is really important is writing letters and sending carepackages. <br />
IIIIIIIIIIIIII would totally discourage packages while he is at boot, oh my gosh please dont do that!<br />
But letters are nice.<br />
I'm mainly talking about if he's on deployment or gets stationed far away from you.<br />
I am always looking for fresh, sweet ideas to send to Jason and trust me girl, he appreciates the h ell out of it.<br />
<br />
anyway, i may have overloaded you with information and opinions but those are all things that have been told to me or that I have learned by being with my Jason.<br />
good luck honey!

Hey girl, my name is Janna and I'm 18. My fiance left for basic in Parris Island about a month ago. I can tell you everything you should be ready to expect. The first couple weeks are going to be the toughest, that's for sure! But after the first couple of weeks, you'll start getting letters and once the letters start coming in, they will PILE up! It isn't aht bad after you start getting letters. They only have an hour of free time everyday so they can't write alot, but whatever he is able to write will be amazing when you get to read it. I know most of the girls at first before they start getting letters have doubts about their men's feelings for them. Like most all of them, including me, thought their guys lost feelings and didn't miss them and that they were wasting their time. But when the first letter gets there you'll know that you were wrong and that he misses and loves you just the same! Make sure that you write him EVERYday and keep the letters positive, because the letters from you are his motivation. Also, you are allowed to send him pictures. They have a thing that's called the motivation board, where they hang pictures of their loved ones up and that keeps them going! My fiance has been telling me alot of the things they do there. They play some war games and have competitions and cool stuff like that. He said that the food is good also, so you know that he will be eating good, lol. Uhm, that's really all there is to boot. If there are any other questions that you have you can ALWAYS message me. I get on here everyday. I would love to help you out and give you any advice that you might need. Just keep your head up and stay strong girl!