Its Better Today Then Yesterday Or The Day Before

my ex who is a marine didnt talk to me at all yesterday i droped off his stuff at his house and i saw him drive away with some of his friend which ok good and then i talked to his mom and shes like you deserve so much better then him hes being an *** and i told her im pretty much done it sucks but im done this is the third time and im done no more chances  and ive relized that i cant trust him nor will i ever trust him  but i texted him today and finally he responded i told him i  am so proud of him for accomplishing his goals and that i still support him and if he needs anything ill always be here for him as a friend  and i care about him and i told him Semper-fi and hes like thank you Semper-Fi  and then i texted him asking if it was possible to see him one last time as a friend before he left and hes like i guess which is a good start to friendship but i know it may be sucicde to be friends with him but icant just not be we have history and  i will always worry about him i mean hes in the Marines he may get deployed i dont want to  feel guilt that we left on a bad note  and something happens and i pray to God nothing does but i feel alotb etter that we are now nice toeachother and that we are talking it makes me feel 100 times better that we can be friends but we wont be getting back together so ladies i guess this is farewell  and thank you all for your support  and i wish ou all the best of luck with your men

stay strong

MarineGirlfriend91 MarineGirlfriend91
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

thanks ill try ill miss you too sierra keep your head up and stay strong your almost done and youll see your man soon take care girls!

Stay strong! I hope everything works out for you in the end. And keep your head held high girl! I'll miss talking to you. <br />
<br />
- Sierra.

im gunna miss you too good luck with everything and take care of yourself !!