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My boyfriend graduates in a little over two weeks i am so excited. I unfortunately can't go to his graduation but i will be home when he gets back. I only got 3 letters from him and the last one was a month ago right before phase 2 it made me a little paranoid but i know he is busy so i don't expect much. I write him every single day and was wondering when should stop sending letters?
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yeah i stopped a week and some change b4 the end and tell him which one is your last one that way he wont expect more or think somethings wrong i told my husband which one was my last letter so he wouldnt worry about me and if he does good on the crucible he might get a call the night b4 family day so he might get to call u for about 5mins

I would stop sending letters right before his last week. He'll be so busy with The Crucible and so exhausted after that, he won't write either. And then they have graduation practice and family day to get ready for and everything. If you write him letters that last week though, I say you save them and have him read them when he gets home. But congratulations on your man graduating!<br />
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