What Would You Think?

Okay, I may be taking all of this the wrong way, but I wanna know what you ladies think about this situation:

well, before my boyfriend left for basic, he would ALWAYS be texting ALL the time. I would ask him who he would be texting and it would always be the same girl. Well, i didn't wanna be nosy and read the texts, so I just trusted him and let it go. Well, RIGHT before he left for basic he told me that he promised me that no other girls were going to get his address and write him. The other day I ran into the girl that he ALWAYS texted at the store. I told her that he had left and that he had been doing good and stuff. Well, then she said "yeh, I know, his mom came over to my house the other day and said he wanted her to give me his address".
Okay, THAT set me off. I was so mad that I almost started crying. So instead, I said "yeh, well he proposed to me in a letter a couple days ago". She sounded really abnormally suprised.
I wanna trust my man with all my heart, and maybe I am just overreacting, but I just think this whole thing is kinda sketchy..

Tell me what you ladies think and what ya'll would do (:
thanks ladies !
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My boyfriends parents posted his address on his facebook for his friends to see..and now im stressing who will write him!! cause i dont want other girls writing him or his friends saying things to him! what do i do girls???

i'd kill him lol thats just to shady for me.

I can't say, but my advice is do some deep thinking about it. When he was always texting you, did that weird you out? At the same time, he didn't hide from you who he was texting so that's a good sign. I also agree with usmclover there that the girl could be lying and he may not have asked his mom, in stead she may have asked his mom herself... Or it could all just be a misunderstanding and his mom could've made a mistake... In the end, I'd say go with your gut... Think hard about all the facts, and you'll get the answer. Hope that helped =)

It doesnt seem right...but maybe the girl was lying?

I hate to be blunt but it is very shady. He went behind your back and had his mother deliver the address he should of just asked you to it didn't seem so shady. I don't even know why he thought it was a big deal if other girls wrote him. BUT boot camp definitely changes guys...they really get their priorities straight and realize who is in important to them. Your the one writing him all the time showing him how much you love and care and this girl will probably write one lousy letter if that. Before my guy left for bootcamp he took like a thousand addresses with him and I thought he was never gonna write me and it was the complete opposite he realized who was worth writing towhen he only had 2 minutes to write. But congrats on the proposal, you never know maybe she asked him for his address and even though he didnt want her writing he didnt wanna be rude. I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet. Trust me your the one on his mind through everything now.

heyy girl!<br />
i say that if he proposed to you then he wants you and not her. while some boys are more flirty than others (like mine is sometimes overly friendly and i take it as being flirty but he doesnt lol) im sure she's just a friend and i wouldnt be too worried about it. cause if you think about it, if he wanted her at all he wouldnt have proposed or he would've proposed to her. but he didnt he proposed to YOU! so i would just trust him. if you feel like you need to ask him about it i would wait until after boot. if you need to talk, just message me (:

Hey girl. I was so scared other girls would get his address and write him letters but I trust him and know that if that happened one letter from a girl wouldn't do anything. His mom and I made sure not to make it public to anyone because he didn't want to get letters from certain people. I don't think you need to worry though, she was probably saying that trying to make you jealous too but once she found out you were engaged she was blown. :) Trust your man, and just be sure if you mention it to him that you know he won't get upset. He needs all the motivation. Stay strong.<br />
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- Sierra.