My Boyfriend Just Left For Bootcamp

We have been together 9 months in August, and he just left 3 days ago : ( I love him very much! But I was just wondering, I have seen people (parents included) who say they only get about 3 letters for the whole time they are there. Is that pretty typical? Should I be hurt if I only get that many? He told me he is going to write me one once a week but of course neither of us had any way of knowing if thats true. Also, even if I dont get repsonses as often, should I still write him a bunch? He told me my letters are the one thing thats going to keep him going. He says he will love and appreciate me more then ever when he gets out, is that generally the case for strong couples?
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write write write girl :) they need us to stand behind them and its those letters that help them in every phase. <br />
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Zack said if it wasnt for my letters he didnt know how he would have gotten though it. hes overseas right now and even tho he cant email me everyday i always write him. <br />
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Not only does it help him tho it helps us to. i know when i write him i feel like i am talking to him and like he knows everything that is going on even if he aint gettin to read them everyday.

Absolutely write him as much as possible!!! Hes right the only thing thats gonna keep him going are your letters. I think every platoon is different (different drill instructors) but I got letters 3x a week some weeks I got more some weeks I got less. Never jump to conclusions if you get less then that because his drill instructors might be more strict or if his platoon messes up a lot they lose a lot of privileges

i think it's weird that the girls only get 3 letters. thats usually not the case at all.<br />
idk how he did it, but i got one ALMOST everyday, up until the end (phase 3)<br />
so i wouldn't worry. i still wrote and sent to him everyday, they'll need it. (:

Hey girl, YES write him everyday. Tell him everything you are doing and let him feel like he is still part of the life where you live. My fiance has been in bootcamp for about a month, and I have already recieved about 10 letters. They get a chance to write everyday, but that doesn't mean that he will be able to write everyday. They are very busy, and I guess I'm just very fortunate to be getting letters almost everyday. Don't let it get you down if you only get a few though. And yes, yer letters are going to be his motivation, that's why you need to write him everyday. Even he doesn't write back all the time, write and send everyday. He will love you and see how much you care about him and his feelings for you will grow stronger. Just stay strong. If you have any other questions you wanna ask, you can message me; I get on here everyday (:

I write my boyfriend everyday but i did only recieved 3 letters and he is almost done so i am not really expecting to get another one, im not sure how typical that is. He will be very busy so i wouldn't be hurt if you only get that many. I am on here all the time if you need anything and my name is Kim.