Afternoon Confessions And Updates!

Hey girls.
So things have been crazy I’m running around all over the place because there’s a shortage on medical staff in Hawaii at the moment so we all volunteering all over the place. Anyway so I was at the marine clinic the whole weekend and my mom called and said seeing as though you on base come and pop in for a visit we haven’t seen you in ages and Sam, Aaron and AJ are coming round later and they complained they hardly see you lately and I know you have not been eating properly! Like I said before we’ve been pulling crazy hours lately there just hasn’t been time for anything.
Later on in the day I was embracing the sun and dangling my feet in the water thinking about stuff and AJ I’ve been doing this a lot since mine and Jason’s chat. He came and sat next to me and we had a really good conversation for the first time in a long time. Here it is:
A: So what’s wrong?
S: nothing
A: you know you a real **** liar I can spot your lies a mile away.
S: You know sometimes it scares me at how well you know me I’m sure you shouldn’t go out with someone you’ve known for more than ten years especially your whole life! I think we’re breaking a code here.
A: it helps a lot with the getting to know the other person part. We already know each other! If you start with your fate thing again I may have to strangle you.
S: hmm so well that we never said anything about how we really felt about each other for a year then avoided each other like a the plague then made the really cool decision of waiting for six months before deciding what we wanted to do.
A: I never said we were geniuses all I said was that year and half of nothing happening made me realized that I wanted you in my life through everything more than anything nothing else matters besides you.
S: You probably the only thing in my life I know I wouldn’t change but you also the only thing that puts me in a complete panic.
A: why
S: because I’ve fallen for you hard AJ and really quickly its like you’ve freaking stolen my heart and wont give back I’m waiting for that moment when it gets given back but completely broken and in a million pieces! And as much as I love you I worry about you, you going to Afghan soon and you know that I will support you but AJ I can’t loose you.
A: Storm
S: no AJ seriously you like old furniture and I really like old furniture if I walk into a room and if its not there I’ll miss it. Its got that worn in feeling about it and is extremely comfortable to sit in. AJ I know why you going I understand it but promise me that you going to be like100% careful here and that you’ll come home because I will be here!
A: Storm
S: AJ all I’m saying is that you have to come home you have someone here waiting for you who loves you a lot and she misses you every second she’s not with you.
A: I know that because I miss her too. I can’t believe you described me as old furniture.
S: It’s the best description I had and it fits us perfectly.
A: So you’ve fallen for me hard that’s good that’s the way I like it.
S: AJ don’t start just leave it or I will start on the fate thing.
A: I’m glad you said it because you need to know your heart is safe because I may have yours but I gave mine to you along time ago. The fact that I’ve fallen hard for you too makes me want take you to a place where I can protect you. You safe with me I’ll never hurt you intentionally or at least I’m going to try my hardest not too.
S: ok when did this turn into a romantic riddle how did we become so frigging soppy we used to laugh at this ****.
A: You do know you just ruined the moment.
S: I know I’m sorry I promise there will be plenty more you just have to get that sexy *** of yours back here. I love you AJ
A: I love you too!!
We sat there at the side of the pool and kept talking for a bit about nothing Sam and Aaron came and joined us and soon everybody else did as well. Oh and ending on a high note AJ’s got a deployment date in September and no return date so that’s always fun!
Storm25 Storm25
26-30, F
Jul 21, 2010