Another Happy Ending And This Time Its Not Mine - It's A Feel Gooder Promise!

So Hailey, Jonty and Nicky left yesterday but not without a final well we’ll say “goodbye” I can’t wait to tell Jason seriously I think we are freaking master of setting people up lol and I think that the last two people who caught a bouquet should keep up tradition you don’t want to break that the gods may be against you lol I hope you all realized I’m about to die! So enough of that I have a story for you and it’s happy I haven’t stopped smiling or giggling or itching to find out more but I have a good feeling about this one and I know at least ten people here who like happy stories and endings so here’s one! YAY lol I’m sorry I’m not normal!!
So since our wedding and since Jason left I have been trying my hardest to just keep distracted which explains the me not being normal part coffee has officially become my best friend lol either being distracted or trying to be distracted - I really suck it. Anyway so in the spirit of saying yes I have said yes to everything that came my way this weekend we (Hailey, Nicky, Aaron, Gregg, and Jonty) all went on a beach hop which is basically like bar hoping except its a beach you stay there for however long then move to the next the idea is to see how long you can keep going for! I know it sounds stupid but seriously its so much fun really during beach hopping you just let loose and its pretty much forget all the fun stuff like stress, worries, work and PARENTS I love them to death don’t get me wrong!
On Friday night Nicky and I went for a long walk and she was asking me all these questions about being with a guy that was part of the military and what it was like really and if long distance really worked. I eventually stopped and looked at her and asked if she wanted to tell me something she laughed and said “right now no and later I have no idea but maybe one day if you good.” So we carried on walking and talking and when we got back to everyone else Nicky and Aaron went for a swim. Later on Aaron tried to teach Nicky how to surf seriously she’s completely useless Aaron eventually came to Gregg and me and was like a little help here dudes we both said but you doing such an awesome job! He just laughed and was like seriously guys she’s dedicated but I don’t think she’ll ever surf so he taught her how to body surf instead lol it’s a good alternative I suppose.
Then Saturday morning I found myself having a walk with Aaron and we at first was were talking a big load of BS then he was like so tell me more about Nicky but in a round about way. So I answered all his questions then he was like “ok so tell me something how hard is it to keep a relationship with Jason while you here and he’s there I’m mean I’m just asking.” So that we married and our relationship was stronger than ever it was hard at times but if it’s really meant to be it will work out and then asked him why he wanted to know all this he just smiled and said “I just wanted to know that’s all especially because I’m enlisting in the marines soon so it was more out of wonder than anything else.” I looked at him and he smiled and said “I don’t know Sam just leave it at that for now please.” So I laughed but said nothing and we carried on walking down the beach.
When we got back to my place Nicky came to me and said “Ok Sam I like him a lot like seriously a lot, a lot but how could this work seriously dude I’m in freaking New York and he’s in Hawaii not to mention he’s in the freaking army and about to join the marines how, how does it work. I’m freaking out here dude cause I really think this could actually work and I’ve only frigging kissed him once!” while trying my hardest not to laugh Aaron came round the corner and was like Nicky lets go for a walk he was standing behind her and she looked at me and mouthed I want to ******* die right now! Which is when I did laugh I can’t help it, it was funny!!
When they came back after hours Nicky came over and sat next to me and said “ok dude besides making a complete *** out of myself there’s something I want to tell you. Aaron and I are going to try and see what happens we going to take it one step at a time.” they left late last night and Aaron came with to say good bye to Nicky and when we left Aaron put his arm around me and said “Sam this whole Nicky and me thing is still all up in the air at the moment but I also like her a lot, a lot and it’s also freaking me out cause I only kissed her twice! But I like her Sam I’m going to try my hardest to make this work even if it means me being completely broke going to see her!”I looked at him and said, “Aaron I swear to god if mess her around I will personally be on you case just please be nice and don’t be an *******!” he laughed and promised and then said that he just wanted to make her happy and he thought he could give it a try and I really hope so and I’m definitely rooting for these two seriously girls I really think they will be awesome together! I’m soooo happy for both of them but we’ll see what happens!
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OMG.... that sounds like a wonderful idea.. I would love to go beach hoping... I wanna learn how to surf too. But i dont know if i would be any good at so that is so sweet about your friends I hope they can make it work. We all know that it is hard and sucks at times but if you really love them then it is worth it. =) YOu are right i do love happy stories.. They always put me in a happier mood. I hope that you are doing well after all of the wedding stuff. <br />
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