The Sweetest Thing In The World!

I've gotten 6 letters now! :) They are the sweetest things that i've ever seen in my life. He's making promises to me. Promises that he would never make before. Like stopping doing stuff that upset me. He also got his riffle and he named it "Hannah" after me :). He also picked me this flowery~leaf thing to show me that he was still thinking about me.He writes in every letter that he LOVES ME, and that he misses me {over and over again} :) He also worries about me. He says im the only one that can help him through it. Our anniversary was the other day, and he wrote a letter to tell me happy anniversary, and to show me he didnt forget. He even bought me a present. I was a necklace with a cross on it, because thats all he can get in boot camp, as soon as i took it out of the envelope i cried, i couldnt believe he would be so sweet. I miss him unconditionally. Does this sound like he miss me? Do you think we could make it in life?? i miss him!!!
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I think that it sounds like he misses you a lot. That is so sweet that he remembered yalls anniversary. I also think that yes you could make it in life. As long as you are both committed and faithful everything will be ok. Just stay strong for him. If you both want it then there is no reason that it couldnt work. Trey sent me a flower from bootcamp too he said it was the only things pretty on the island and that his beautiful women needed a beautiful flower. It was so sweet. I think that is really sweet that your boyfriend did that too. Stay positive and stay strong. <br />
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