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Well, my name is Megan first of all. And yes i am married to my marine PFC Martinez:)  We have been together for a litle over a year now, and just got married on June 22!! He has been in the corps since October 15, 2009. We dated 3 months before he left for bootcamp which let me tell you was the hardest thing i've ever had to face! But I know there will be more obstacles courtesy of the corps. Lol. When he was in bootcamp I felt sad and lonely for the first couple of weeks...but it got better!! Now he is in his second set of classes for his MOS, he is stationed at 29 palms and is going to be in communications. it is hard sometimes, well all of the time but i know that he is going through the same thing and that it will get better! My friends don't understand when i talk ti them about things related to being a marines girl so it would be grand if I could make some friends on here to have some support!
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Hey! My husband is in comm too. He's deployed right now, his second one but our first one together. This is all pretty new to me too, and it is not easy! If you ever want to talk, let me know!! Welcome :)

Hey girl, I'm Janna, and I am 18 years old. My fiance left for boot on June 28th, so I'm still getting used to being a Marine girl, lol. But I know what you mean, friends and family just don't understand what yer going through and they still treat you the same, even though yer an emotional roller coaster right now. I know EXACTLY! But yeh, I seen where you added me as a friend on here earlier (: <br />
I'll be happy to talk to you about this, and we can go through it together. Just message me anytime you wanna talk, I get on here all the time.<br />
Stay strong, girl!

Hello- I'm brand new to this "experience project" and I'm happy to have found this Group. While my husband is not officially a Marine (yet) I was hoping to get some insight from the other women out there who are currently going through the beginning stages for their "better half" being gone. We've been together for over 5 years and just got married in April 2010. I will be 30 in a few months while he is only 25 hence brings me to the topic of "When do we start our family?" We've never discussed him enlisting in the Marines until very recently and I was completely taken aback that it even crossed his mind. Now here I am trying to be supportive and just most fearful of all the unknowns. Any feedback, thoughts or advice would be great. Thank you.

is he going to be a radio field operator b/c my husband is in that class right now in 29 palms?