So I as just sitting in bed here, waiting for my marine to call me before he has to go to his classes for the night. I was thinking to myself how lucky and blessed I am. How we all are! How selfless are our men for giving up so much and putting themselves through so much to protect and serve our country and with no expectations. I don't know about everyone else but I think us girls are alot more prideful then our Marines. I know that I always want my husband to be in his uiform and I want to tell everyone that he is a marine because I am soooooo proud of him yet he stays away from all the attention as much as he can lol. Does anyone else feel this way? Another thing is that people just don't realize how much EVERYONE involved in a military family sacrifices. With me it just seems like everyone expects me to have a smile on my face all the time...its still hard not being with him and sometimes I just get sown about it. I guess I just felt like getting it all out lol...let me know if you ladies feel the same way about these things! OOH-RAH! And Semper Fi<3

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all i can say is oohrah! i am with you girl. i couldnt be anymore proud to say that my man is a marine. anytime i see him in his dress blues i just get chills. <br />
they give up everything. zack has missed my 20th birthday college graduation and about to miss the birth of his first niece. but neither i nor he would change what he has choosen as a life style. <br />
i am VERY prideful of zack. but he would reither just lay low and not get all the attention he deserves. <br />
i love it when he gets off the plane and everyone claps when they see him. it makes me swell up with pride knowing thats MY usmc! he looks as it as hes just doing his job. i see it as so much more.