Hes Back!!!

my bf graduated boot camp on friday!!!! i went to see him for graduation i was soo nervous to see him after soo long!!!! he had called me for liberty sunday and i was shaking with emotion and then on thursday for family day i finally saw him i ran to him!! even though i couldnt kiss him cuz he wasnt allowed and he got in trouble when i huged him :(( it was soo crazy to see him again for the first time after 3 months he looks soo different but he's still the same, we walke side by side and i never been in love like i am with him i could had waited a life time for him, to see him again made everything all the pain and lonelyness worth every second! our first kiss was amazing we sneaked in a lil corner in the museum when no one was looking. now im spending as much time as possible with him im so glad hes back, i missed him alot. everything was soo worth it!!!!!
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THaks everybody i droped him at the airport last night! :( i was good whileit lasted

I remember family day and graduation like it was yesterday! When I first saw my bf I had to take a double take, I almost walked right past him! Lol. But im soooooooooo happy for you!!!! ENjoy every second you have with him!!

That is awesome girl I am so happy for you.. I have 20 days and I cant wait... Thats cute that yall stole a kiss I cant believe he got in trouble for hugging you that is crap.. I mean what do they think he wasnt going to at least hug you after so long.. Well enjoy it girl.. I am so happy for you.. I cant wait for that feeling. <br />

aww thanks YEs it was soo amazing!!!

I remember feeling that exact same way!!! Just thinking about it gives me chills it was so amazing!!! Don't take one second for granted it will fly by!!! Have fun!! And take in everything. Believe me when i say that you will NEVER forget the feeling you had when you first heard his voice or saw him again still the best feeling of my life!!!!

oh it's so lucky when you find someone like this and the love feels like ur in heaven congrats and make the most of it

Congrats girl! Enjoy your ten dayss <3