Help! Moving To Jacksonville!

So my Hubby is graduating infantry school in about two weeks and we just found out that were going to be stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. I'm from Long Island, NY so moving from here to NC is going to be so different and hard. I'm trying to find decent apartments to apply for. I was wondering if any of you ladies are stationed here and have any advice as to where I should look for an apartment or where to stay away from or just any advice about Jacksonville at all... I've been here once and seems like all there is to do is go to ***** clubs, eat fast food and get tattooed. aha
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Hey Girl, <br />
I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! I live 10 mins from manhattan (just across the GW) and I am moving there in september. We got what seems to be a great place, message me or facebook me if you want some info...or just a friend from the same neck of the woods! <br />
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Thank you so much I will deff be messaging you guys!! I am stressing like crazy!

Hey there ! I'm actually from Queens, NY & spent a lot of time in Nassau county LI, and coincidentally enough my boyfriend just got stationed in Jacksonville NC in May. We are renting a condo right now in Jacksonville. I can definitely talk to you about our experiences with realtors and the places we have seen. We are looking into buying a place in the next few months, but probably outside of JVille. Definitely feel free to get in touch!

Dont forget the beach :)....

Hey I'm here now.I found a decent apartment with my hubby. Message me and I will give you all the info