Does It Get Easier?

Hello again loves (:
I was just wondering if it gets any easier after basic? It's not too terribly hard right now, I'm just now in the 2nd month of boot. But with the whole communication through letters, it SUCKS! I miss talking to him and having an actual conversation with him.
So, if any of you wonderful ladies know anything, please tell me (:
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Haha it's yes and no.. Btw it's not called basic. For me boot was the hardest thing. Hated it. However, after that the communication really does go up. MCT is for a month, and for me we couldn't communicate at all, but for some people they got phone calls. After that, MOS school is AWESOME with communication. I get texts and a phone call after he's done with class. Basically texts and phone call every day. After that it usually depends where he goes. My bf is going to Japan so noo idea what to expect. Letters suck, but ur prob not gonna have to write anymore after this

From meg2010 " God took the strongest women and made there match with a marine! " love it girl.

From meg2010 " God took the strongest women and made there match with a marine! " love it girl.

Hey girl! I've been there with my marine through everything! basic was the hardest thing so far but it is all worth it once you see him again!! I can't evefn begin to describe that feeling!!! After that he went to MCT or marine corps combat's about a month long and they get libo on the weekends...which means for a certain amount of time on the weekends he can call and use his phone. Which is alot better than not at all!! Still kinda tough though...then he will go to his MOS school which is what richie is doing now. You'll get to talk to him alot more then...i've never been through a deployment but i'm positive its the hardest part. But don't worry girl everything will work out! You're strong enough to handle this thats why you're going through it! God took the strongest women and made there match with a marine! Just keep your head held high girl with love and trust in your heart you can get through anything! Let me know if you need anything! It wasn't to long ago i was in your same situation...i'm more than happy to talk about it! Be happy you're man wouldn't want you to be sad! Semper Fi!

schooling isn't that bad. MCT kinda sucks but it's only a month. i only heard from him twice... but once they get to MOS they can talk to you everyday. Just not when they are in class, which is basically like a 9-5 job.<br />
I like it a lotttt better. and he graduates Aug 4th so it's almost over.

Hey. I wasn't with my hubby during basic but I know how hard it can be. After my hubby left to go to school after basic he went to nc for a month with no phone. We only had letters. Then to ohklahoma for 3 months again with no phone. Just letters for us to communicate. And finally to cali for another month. He had his phone there. So that wasn't to bad. It was awesome when he finally got stationed in nc since it was only 7 hrs from home. Then he got deployed from may of 09 to april of this year. All I can tell you is that you need to be his rock and keep him up when he is down. My hubby told me he felt like quiting but my letters kept him going. you might not get to see him as often as you want to after boot. But just know one day you will be able to be together all the time. That is what kept me going. Hope I was some help