I finally get to go see my man! It has been the longest ten months of my life, I can't believe in ten hours I will be in his arms again. :) I am like glowing and so giddy, I can't wait to get to the airport. This waiting is killing me. I;m so excited! :)

Sorry girls I havent been on here for a while,My man came home (home being NC, not actually home) last week and I have been talking to him and busy with school and work. I just wanted to let all you girls out there who are going through deployments or who will be soon know, that it does get easier, just keep you head up, and when you need to, use your friends and family they are there to support you. Knowing your marine comes home safe and you can see them again is the best feeling in the world, it makes the last ten months seem like they didn't matter. It's like nothing in the world matters as long as he is okay.

I know I have atleast one more deployment to go through, but I know I can do it. But right now I am just going to enjoy the fact that he is safe and we are going to be able to spend three out of the next six weeks together :) thanks for all of your support girls. It really did help me get through this!
hang in there girls, it gets better!

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It was amazing!!!! My flight down there got so delayed I had to change planes, I didn't realize how excited/nervous/anxious I was to be there until they told me I would have to wait another two hours to get another plane. I legit broke down. Obviously it was worth the wait, I was just sick of waiting. <br />
I did not want to leave at all, but the good news is, only 18 days till he gets leave and is coming home! This is by far the best way to spend the end of my summer. <br />
seven months will fly. I know it doesn't seem it, but it will.

I know exactly how you feel being so excited about seeing your guy. When I flew to cali to see him last december I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I couldn't wait for him to come home on leave a few months ago. Time didn't move fast enough I was so excited to be in his arms. Now I don't know when I'll beseeing him again and it sucks. I just keep hoping I can find a time to go see him again or maybe he can take leave again in december. I'm so happy you two get to be together again. It's awesome isn't it?

congrats! i still have 7 months to go til i get to see my marine. make enough memories for all of us lol

thats awesome!!!! enjoy =) my boyfriend will be home very very soon too!

Yay!! I know you are happy. Make many memories and have fun.