Phone Call <3

Hey Girls So most of you know my boyfriend is at Parris Island right now we have 20 days left and i cant wait for me to see him again. Now more than ever.... Well on wednesday after work around 6:00 pm I was sitting at our house with his dad and mom going over the graduation packet that his dad got. Well my phone rings and it is a private number. IT WAS TREY...... I couldnt believe that he was on the phone I havent heard his voice in over 2 months and there he was on the other end of the phone. I said Baby I am shaking he said me too babe.... I was shaking so bad my nervous and emotions where going a million miles and hour. There is this thing called the 21 club and if you can do 20 pull ups and 100 crunches in i think he said 3 minutes than you get one phone call home. He said that he has been really sick for 3 weeks and tried to get into the 21 club but he couldn't he was so exhausted. ( back home he could bust out 25 pull ups like it was nothing. goes to show how tired and worn down they are that he couldnt even do 20) He said he was hanging there on 19 and said i need to hear my babies voice and busted it out. I am still in shock i cant believe I got to talk to him. It was the most amazing thing I feel on top of the world. It was just so short that now I am ready for this to be over and i can say everything that i wanted to. Girls for those of you that have a man in boot camp I pray that you get that phone call. It was the most wonderful thing in the world. I cant even tell yall in words what it felt like. It was so weird to be that Well I just had to share me good news with yall. I hope everyone is doing good.. Have a wonderful weekend..

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I remember my first call from bootcamp!! All we said was I love you and I miss you the entire time!! i couldn't stop crying! congrats girl! 20 days is awesome!! Try not to get to anxious though, the last month i could hardly sleep or focus on anything else! The moment you see him though will be like nothing else you will never forget it!

i am ver emotional too! i cried from the time i saw him til we got to the car and at one point on the way home i jsut looked at him and cried like a baby lol but it was happy tears lol <br />
and yes to hear his voice was amazing. omg it was perfect. <br />
today has been harder i guess bc i havent gotten an email and after i got the phone call i was on a high so now its back to waiting

Aww that is awesome girl.. I am so happy for you too. I bet that was great getting to hear his voice from over there. I think we said i love you about that many times Oh girl I am ready to cry at graduation gonna try not to but i highly doubt that is gonna happen. I am a very emotional But i cant wait it is right around the corner. I hope you are doing ok with him being gone..

God must have been in a good mood lately! i got a phone call from AFGAN!!!!!!! omg it was the best thing ever. its one thing to read a email where he says he is ok but its something totally different when you get to hear him say it. and hear his voice. and say i love you 100000 times just to make sure you say it enough. those 5 mins have helped me more today than any email. <br />
but anyways congrats on your call :) and get ready to cry at graduation! lol