Comes Home For 20 Days Leave Before Japan :)

I saw him the day before our anniversary on the 5th. We double-dated with our other 2 friends and went to the beach. We were mostly by ourselves though and had a blast. I also saw a different side to him that day..he picked up toys that kids dropped, talked and actually listened to this drunk chef and listened to his life story, and some random people started talking to him and asked if he was a marine. He said yea, and turns out they were too. They were old and retired, but they were so nice to him..and me.. Haha he was like,"So when are you 2 gonna get married?" I told him that we were young, but it felt good hearing that. :)

Before that incident my bf even said that he wanted us to be married someday...he also told me that day that he was going to Japan.
Of course I acted all chill about it cuz I already found out ;). I didn't tell him that though. I'm really nervous about this thing, but I'm just gonna take it as it goes....Japan for two years...

He's coming home on July 26th & will leave for Japan on August 15th. He has a couple days of leave until he has to go there. As my last post said, he did ask for my ring size but I have NO idea what to expect.

I'm going to college this fall as a freshman. I told my roommate about him going to Japan...only for a year though. I couldn't bring myself to say "2 years" yet cuz really...what college student has a serious relationship? LOL no one. She saw his pics and approved though haha. We're reallyyy close and have met during orientation and stuff. We talk online a lot too. I have told people that I have a boyfriend, but only my roommate knows he's a going to JAPAN for that long. I guess normal people would think I'm crazy since I'm going to college, but I really do want to hang on to this amazing thing that we have. We've just grown so close to each other, and I'd be devastated if he wasn't in my life anymore. I'm kinda glad in a sense it's Japan though and not least he's safe...but still it's 2 years. If I just get to hear from him regularly that would make my day. Currently he calls me every night right before bed and we talk. I just think it would be harder communication-wise, but we can do it.

Well I'm gonna make the absolute best of the time we have together before he goes off to Asia. In a way, it's perfect timing cuz college starts August 27th. When he leaves on August 15th I'll be in a college shopping and getting ready frenzy..with him on my mind of course :)
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Him being in Japan wont affect your relationship if its real love. It'll only make you guys that much more stronger.<br />
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And it might be a year before he is allowed to come home on leave. My bf for instance, plans on coming home in February, that'll be his 10month mark. He has already talked to some higher ups and they have said that it is almost certain that he will be granted leave then. But of course, things always change in the Marine Corps so nothing is ever 100% certain until it actually happens.

Well first off I'm not a party girl. I mean, I am a very social person and I do enjoy the occasional parties, but that's it. I don't drink either. My bf knows I dislike drinking and he's cut down a lott. The last time he drank was months ago. He's done a lott more **** than me lol. Idk, I guess I'll feel more comfortable after we both sit down and talk this thing out, We just casually talk about him going to Japan. We never talked about it affecting our relationship or anything. I'm from a very conservative household, and when I went to orientation, (I went for a weeklong one), all we did was hang out and have fun. It was a completely different thing than I was used to. I guess I'm just really nervous about not wanting a different country to affect our relationship.<br />
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Also, how long does it take for them to be allowed to come back home to visit? My bf told me it would be at least a year of me not seeing him

Im pretty much in the same situation that you are in. My bf is also in Japan, he only got 18 months though. And I am also going to college this fall..and yep, my relationship with my bf is pretty serious. Everyone knows he is in Japan and even though ppl may talk bad ab it, idc bc its our relationship just me and him and no1 else. thats how we see it and we dont take into account what anyone else says. Especially him since many Marines go around asking guys whos in a relationship and who isnt and the ones who say they are get hazed for it (even tho its supposedly supposed to be illegal). But anyways, my point is you shouldnt worry ab what ppl say about YOUR relationship.