Oh My Gosh I Think I Did Something Wrong!

He left for bootcamp on July 12 to San Diego..
Since Monday, I got his address from his mom and I've been writing him letters everyday of this week! And in one of them I put a pic of us in the envelope..... Was that wrong?!? I thought i read some girls on here who said that they sent pictures of themselves while they're in bootcamp but maybe I read it wrong... (it was just a picture of me and him)

is he goin to get in trouble for that? And does he get in trouble if I send him a mail everyday?
He hasn't mailed me a letter yet but he wrote to his mom on Monday...
It's Been about a two weeks since he's been in there :/ really worried about him.. Hope they're feeding him well.. I heard boys from bootcamp comes out skinnier than before because they don't eat that much:/ is that true?
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Hey He will not get in trouble for the pictures like all the other girls said just make sure that they are not inappropriate because I was told by another Marine that has been through boot camp that They have this board that they put the pictures on if they are inappropriate so not only will he be able to see it so will everyone else in his platoon. So just becareful what you send. Send mail every day he will love it. Trey says it is the best time of the day when he gets my letters. He will lose weight. My boyfriend is solid and very built and didnt have much to lose but he has lost 6 pounds. It is because they are doing so much physical stuff all day every day. It is bound to happen. It is not like they are lifting weights or anything like that. The food is good yes but a lot of the time the DI's dont give them but 2 minutes to eat it so they dont get to eat all of there food. Then they will run them right after and then a lot of them get sick. At least this is how it is at Parris Island. If he does lose weight it is ok he will put it back on when he graduates. <br />
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They just send out one of those letters saying all of that and then a few days later he can start sending real letters. I got my first letter 2 days after his dad got that generic letter. Good luck and i hope you get your letter soon. If you need anything just message me. <br />
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Oh my gosh thank you guys so much! Hahahaha wow experience project helps me out so much and especially you girls... all my friends doesn't know ANYTHING about marines, and what it's like to miss someone so much that's so far away.. <br />
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How long did it take you guys to get a mail from your man? He sent a letter to his mom saying something like "this is my address, please do not send me this or that" blablabla. I'm suprised he didn't send me one though, but maybe it's because that's normal, and they'll get a chance to send mails later? <br />
He went on July 12th, so this week is the third week he's been there...

You can send pictures. Just keep in mind that the pictures u send are ALWAYS looked at by their DI's. Don't send anything embarrassing. Also, make sure to keep the letters and the envelopes very plain. Any unwanted attention can cause him to get into trouble or embarrassed. However, just look forward towards the end results. It's a worthwhile journey :).

They lose weight because they are working out more and more is demanded from them physically than most of them are used to.

No, they won't get in trouble. I send my boyfriend pictures all the time of me. As long as the pictures aren't inappropriate, and he doesn't have them at the wrong time, it's fine. And as long as he keeps the pictures locked up in his foot locker, it's perfectly fine. My boyfriend had a picture of me at the wrong time and his DI's threw it in a puddle of water. It was horrible. And no, they come out skinnier because they are much more fit. The food I heard is actually pretty good from some people. But you have nothing to worry about girl, he'll be just fine. My boyfriend is in boot camp right now and he's doing great. Just stay strong. And if you need anything just message me, I'm always here to help.<br />
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Semper Fi <3<br />
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