Im Begging For Your Advice :(

Ok ladies, so last night I kinda got on my marines nerves which happens occasionally. But then today i looked at his facebook and saw that he told one of his friends that he might be coming home in october which he didn't tell me. he did the same thing with his deployment date and when he picked up a different rank. he just posted it on facebook and never bothered to tell me. i told him flat out he needs to tell me the important stuff. i dont wanna find out on facebook. i told him this like 3 weeks ago and he said ok but never went through with it. so when i asked him about coming home in october he sent me a slew of texts that basically said this: stop being stalkerish and to leave him alone. he doesn't want to tell me everything every step of the way and he doesn't wanna be ridiculed for what he does. I tried to apologize and say that i dont need to know every detail and i know i bug him about him going out to party and that ive decided he can take care of himself but all he said was that i do this all the time and he lets it go all the time but i keep doing it. he said he wasn't breaking up with me but that he wanted to be left alone for a while and that he didn't like the long distance and that before i got all nervous and worried he was going to propose. now yes i get worried and nervous. I worry a lot. I know i shouldn't but i do. and i think if he would just tell me stuff like the important stuff like when he's getting deployed, coming home, or picking up rank i would worry WAY less. when i tired to tell him that he never answered. i tried to ask him if he would text me later and yet again no answer. im soooo scared im gonna lose him. this is the guy i wanna marry! i dont know what i would do without him! im begging for any advice. i need help ladies. what do i do?! i plan on just waiting for him to talk to me first and then telling him that if he would just tell me the important stuff i wouldn't worry and bug him but im afraid he'll just get mad again and its almost impossible to get him to skype without him being with his buddies and acting dumb so i have no clue how to tell him without making him mad again! help me please! I cant lose my marine because of something stupid. i love him more than anything and cant give up on this. he's too important! Ive been crying my eyes out since this happened :( Please help!
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i agree he's wrong but i didn't ask for girls to tell me to break up with him. i asked for advice on how to make it better. i appreciate the girls that actually helped tho. thanks

i am with the other girls its not alright for him to be treating you this way. you are his support not someone he can take it out on. <br />
but i also see where you are coming from. if you have read any of my post from the start of this year then you understand that i should not be with zack either. and it started out just like you and your marine are right now.<br />
i had to walk away from zack and make him believe that i was moving on with my life from his to see that i was the one thing holding him together. give him a taste of his on medician. dont tell him thinks that he would want to know. i mean dont lie to him but dont give out information either. make him feel what you are.<br />
if he loves you and he thinks he is going to lose you he will find out what is wrong and fix it. if not then hes not worth your time anyways.

But a relationship is not going to work if your the only one fighting for it to work. You might stay together but it'll just be more of the same stuff he's doing now. If your relationship is going to work he has to want to fight for it too. And if he's not willing to fight for it then you deserve better than that, regardless of how much you love him.

Im sorry but i dont just give up. i'll work on this with him. like i said im gonna wait for him to cool off. im not gonna leave him. he's young he's a guy and ya he's dumb but i cant just walk away from the man i love. he was like this once before he came home from 29 palms and when we finally sat down and talked about it he woke up and realized he messed up and changed. he gets stressed and unfortunatly takes it out on me. thats wrong and he knows that and once he starts breathing again he apologizes. like i said im not going to walk away from something ive worked so hard to make work so far.

No this is not okay. He is playing games and you should not sit around and take it. He was wrong for not telling you about all of the important things and hes wrong for stringing you along. Long distance relationships are not able to work with these stupid games and lack of communication so cool down realize what you deserve and confront him cause it sounds to me like you a faithful amazing girl who is compromising to make a relationship work that he just doesnt appreciate

he changed his facebook so it doesn't say he's dating me anymore :( my profile says were still together but he set his to hide it :( im so upset!!!

he changed his facebook so it doesn't say he's dating me anymore :( my profile says were still together but he set his to hide it :( im so upset!!!