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My boyfriend is leaving for boot camp in a few months. I’ve been reading a lot of things about Marines and marring one and almost all of the people are negative talking about how it’s never going to work. It was so nice reading your stories to help me feel better! Can anyone give me advice about getting through the first year of being away from each other and everything he is going through! Thanks!!
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girl feel free to message me anytime. you have now entered the sister hood into the slient ranks. dont think twice about askin me anything. ill try my best to help

Thank you so much for your help and support I hope that you don’t mind if I leave a comment here or there if I need any help over the next year or so

it is really hard to not watch at first but after your first night that you cant sleep for it all rushing through your head you learn real quick lol

Thank you guys so much the journal is a good idea!! watching the news wont be a prob i dont now lol.. yes always faithfull ill be here when he comes back whenever he comes back!!! good luck to both of your men

hey! :) me and zack are a little over 2 months into our first deployment. just like elupchurch said STAY BUSY. at first it was really hard but now even tho it is still hard i get through each day. i totally recommend the journal for him. i have started mine and it helps alot. and when he is gone write. even when they cant write back it helps them and you to write write write lol.<br />
and she is totally right about the surrounding yourself with postive people. be around people who support you and our men. <br />
and what ever you do dont watch the news. it only makes everything so much worse. zack made me pinky promise that i wouldnt watch any of it cause it would only make me worry more. <br />
make the best memorys you can before he leaves. take lots of pictures. make videos. and make love ;) lol

it's hard but you can do it. While he is away you need to keep yourself busy.<br />
Idle hands get you into trouble! Stay busy with work, go back to school, pick up a new hobby, keep a journal for him to give to him hwen he comes home, whatever. Just stay busy and by all means be faithful. <br />
Also surround yourself with positive people and NEVER EVER read nasty articles about our men. Everything will work out and by the time he comes home you'll be so proud of yourself bc you made it through.<br />
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