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okayy so im almost done with high school and my boyfriend of 3 years who is 2 years older than me joined the marines, he hasnt even left for boot camp yet but will within the next 2 months. marines means everything to me, just seeing a guy in his dress blues and hearing about it gives me the chills, ive had really important ppl in my life in the marines and its just something ive fallen in love with. for my boyfriend to join, its a scary thing but also very meaningful, im really excited for him to get started because i know he is too. even tho i willl miss him alot in boot camp, i dont want to try saying that alot and just stay strong because i know it justtt the start of everything and i cant imagine what you girls go through when your husbands/boyfriends are deployed for like 15 months at a time, good for you guys and your hearts are just growing stronger and stronger everyday being able to hold yourself together without them. i just want to get my story started on here and hopefully i can talk to other girls about your stories and start to get  support and more of the hang of being away from him before he even leaves for basic and i can get use to everything. i have my friends and family who will be there for me 100% and i already know ill be okay knowing hes okay and that ill still be able to write him once in a while. but talking to other  girls who are expieriencing this and even wayyyy more than what im experiencing will be really nice :) 
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thanks soooo much all of you! :) its sooo much help :)<br />
im glad i can read your comments and personal suppport rather than just skimming through this whole website on my own.. lol <br />
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cowgirl11528 - he is in san diego for boot camp, he just left on monday.<br />
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thanks again :) <br />
Semper Fi <br />

hello dear :) im cam my bf is Zack and he is in afgan right now. on a 10 months tour. we are starting our 3rd month. i am with you on the seeing a man in dress blues. it gives me chills up and down my spine. and i swell up with pride. just yesterday i walked over the the marine office next to were i work for lunch lol i just like to be surrounded by them bc they know zack and know what i am going trough plus his gunny is very supportive. but anyways welcome to the group lol if you need anything you can message me anytime. <br />
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Hey girl, I am Alyson and my boyfriend is Trey. He is still in boot camp has 16 more days and he will be graduating. It is a great feeling to have made it this far. You have the right our look on things like Storm said. Just stay as positive, busy, and supportive as you can. Boot camp has really brought my boyfriend and i closer together. being away from someone really shows how much you really love them. Where is he going to be going to for boot camp? Good luck to both of you if you need anything just message me. <br />
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Hey girl, my name is Janna and Zach is my fiance. He has been in boot for about a month now. We have been together for almost 2 years, and he just recently asked me to marry him. The first 2 weeks of boot are the hardest, I am not going to lie, but then when you start getting letters in time will go by much faster and you'll feel alot more connected to him to know that he is missing you as much as you miss him. This will bring you guys closer and make ya'll appreciate each other alot more. It's good for a relationship if you think about it, lol. Just make sure that when he leaves that you write him everyday and keep the letters possitive, because you are his motivation. It will make his day when he gets letters from you. Friends just won't understand, and it will be harder because they don't understand that you are going through a rough time and are very sesitive emotionally. But, all these ladies on here are very helpful! They have helped me out this far, and I'm sure they can help you just as well! If you need anything, feel free to message me!<br />
Stay strong and keep your head up!<br />
Semper Fi<3<br />
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Hey i'm Sam and Jason is my husband we've been married for nearly a month now and have been going out for about three and half years. Jason just got out of bootcamp in January and it was hard for me i wont lie but if anything it really braught us closer and stronger as a couple just be there for him i know you understand it and thats awesome really it is. i only started to half way through bootcamp i finally got it got everything he said to me. but like you i had support his family was awesome and they have a strong military background and if i got too mopy they'd kick my butt especially Storm and AJ at one point i really hated them lol my point use them let them help they'll always understand and as mean as what they seem they really are looking out for you!!<br />
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message me anytime!!<br />
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Hey Girl. my name is Storm and AJ is my boyfriend we've been going out for about a year now in August but have been best friends forever we grew up together and have been through a lot because our fathers are also marines. i know what you saying seriously everything you say is true i still get cold shivers that run down my spine when i go visit my mom and dad on base or AJ in his blues my dad just laughs at me and says its in my blood there's no escaping it which is a funny thought!!<br />
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lol ok this isnt about me but here's the thing it seems like you have the right attitude and attitude really isnt even the right word but the only one i have right now. stay positive support and lean on other people if you need help and honestly people will be more supportive cause it sounds like you know quiet a few "military" people and they will be there for you because they do understand. and he is ok and safe just keep being positive and send him tons of letters that is what will get him through everything and stay busy. if you need anything please message me!