Hey Ladies

hey Ladies 
  So My Name is Brittney for many of ya'll who might not have ever met me :) i have been with my Marine for almost 2years :) We have been apart for most of are relationship but you know it's better then not having him at all. He has finished Boot Camp, SOI school and is now in California for the rest of his 5years to go. I have been out there twice to see him and it was amazing so beautiful :) we are both from Louisiana and are 20. He will soon be leaving for his first deployment in September very worried but i know he has been trained he will be in a small town around Afghanistan. Also he will be coming home August 12 for his two weeks :) pretty happy about that and then not really lol because it's getting closer to his deployment. Well i would like to make some great friends who understand what i am about to go threw when he leaves who have been or even not what will soon be coming my way :) Also if things go as me and Noah have talked about i should be moving to California and Married :) So i would love to make great friends and even if any of you ladies who are from Cali and living in Camp Pendleton :) 
One more thing i have found some great song and i would love to share:
Reba -Sleeping with the telephone 
Mike Corrado he is in the MC himself great songs (On my Watch tonight) (Stand) and (Start Saving Me) 

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Hey Brittney.<br />
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so congrats on the plans and GOOD LUCK i really hope they work out for you well both of you! You sound so positive and upbeat about everything and its awesome and i'm happy for you stay that way its really cool so i'm holding definate thumbs for you both lol ok i'll shut up now i'm beyound tired tired at the moment!!<br />
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alright so i'm Storm and AJ is my boyfriend we both 26 and we both in Hawaii. we've been best friends our whole lives and have been together for about a year now in the beginning it was just way wierd dating my bestie but it all worked out for both of us. we will be be going through our first deployment as a couple soon we've been through a few others but as friends and i can already tell this is going to be a hard one!! <br />
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anyway good luck i really do hope everything works out for you and message me anytime!!

hey Brittney welcome! I'm Sam and Jason is my husband (that's still wierd) and we've been married for nearly a month but have been going out for three and half years which seem to have flown by!! Jason finished bootcamp in January and is training and has about two months left then he's coming back home and will probably get deployed in November just after my birthday so it'll be our first one as well i've just resorted to not thinking about it. i say if you 110% sure about getting married DO IT oh and congrats the plans sound really exciting and i'm happy for you!!! Good luck girl and message me anytime i'm hoping to be on ALOT more because my life seems to be calming down now a bit now!!