Happy Birthday!!

So today is my marines birthday. the big 23. and im not there. he did get my mail today right on time ( i know i was shocked too lol). so that was good but i woke up this morning and my little neice who is only 5 was in the bed with me. she was still asleep so i just rolled over and grab zacks hoodie and picture and had a crying fest this morning. well she rolled over and said "Aunt Camy are you crying cause you miss Uncle Zack?" and i told her yea i was but it was ok i would be fine just to go pack to sleep. but she looked at me and said " i miss him really bad today. do you think that i could but on his hoodie and you could hold me like he used to hold you and me " i was like of course but before i knew it she went in her room and got a CD that he had made for her and a picture of the three of us the day he left. she told me that Zack had told her that she had to be strong for me. and that when ever i was sad that she would know what to do to make me feel better. and she did. but anyways long story short i miss him really bad today. Happy Birthday Baby i love you!
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Aw sweet man she really does sound special!!!

i really am. she stays with me pretty much all the time since zack left. she says she has to protect me. so she goes home while im at work and school then i got get her. shes my angel.

Hey Cam, I am so sorry that you had such a rough morning. We all know how that can be. But that is so sweet what your neice said and did. You made tears rise in my eyes. Hang in there girl it will go by. and when it is all over he will be back her with both of his girls. I hope that he gets to have some sort of a celebration for his birthday. that is wonderful that your mail got to him right on time. Happy birthday to your baby.<br />
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Aw that is really sweet u lucky to have her with u!

i know she has really been my angel thru this whole process. i love her to death

aw you made me cry that is like the sweetest story in the world right now!! i'm glad she made you feel better and i love what he said to her!! anyway Happy Birthday to your man i hope he has an really good day and i really hope you have one too well better than this morning!!