Scared :/

So, I've been hearing alot of scary things going on in the world lately, involving military.. I'm not going to mention any of these things, because I do not want to alarm anyone that doesn't already know. So, let's just leave it at that..
Anyways, my fiance is still in boot and I know that it will be while before he deploys, but it's just scary to think about all the things going on and the "what if" scenario kicks in. What if something happens to him when he goes overseas, What if I don't hear about it? I know that I shouldn't be thinking about those kind of things, but it's hard not to knowing that this is our reality and we have to live with this going on around us. I don't like thinking about this stuff, but it's all around us, the news, people talking, radio, etc. I don't know what to do! I'm so worried about the military people that are deployed right now and the ones soon to be, that it sends chills odwn my spine even thinking some of this stuff is actually happening to OUR soldiers! It makes my heart sad and I just wanna sit in a room and cry!
I don't really need any advice or anything, I just wanted to vent and figure out what I should do to make myself stop thinking about these things and to get away from all the talk of all these things going on!
Thanks ladies (:
Semper Fi<3
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I know what you mean girl! Richie has 4 months left of his MOS and its really started to get to me knowing that after that he can deploy at any time. I know it will happen and I know I will get through it but it's still super terrifying!!

im with the other girls dont watch the news. and you know if you need to talk you can email me. <br />
but anyways zack is in Afgan too and he begs me no to watch anything on the war. i worry enough without hearing about it.

My husband is currently deployed and I don't watch the news. Hearing news stories about things that are happening in Afghanistan always makes me worry and I honestly don't need to worry more than I do. The only things that I am aware of over there are the things that my husband tells me and that's the way that I want it.<br />
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The war is a scary thing to face and I can promise you that all of us have thought about the what ifs at some point.<br />
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When your fiance does deploy make sure that he has your name on the list of people to contact and send updates to. That way if you ever have questions you can call his FRO and get answers.

Yea, dont listen to the media and all their crap, plus, like you said you've still got a while before he even deploys!

Hey i agree stop listening to the news and reading newspapers i've stopped the minute i heard AJ was deploying i try to stay away from it as much as possible yes i hear the odd bit here and there but honestly it just freaks me out and i'd rather not freak out. <br />
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but i'll never forget my grandfather once telling my brother and I when my dad was deployed and we were asking questions those exact what if questions all the time and one day he sat us down and said, "if you go through life and you constantly asking what if's it will never get you anywhere instead ask how, when, why, what those questions always have a better answer even if you dont get a proper answer. your life shouldnt be about the past or the future it should be about the here and now more importantly because you two have family in the military you both going to have to deal with a whole lot more than any normal person take the blows but understand where they come from. You cant think about something happening to father rather be grateful that he survived today and deal with tomorrow when tomorrow comes." <br />
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i think what he said really is true and its always stuck with me i hope this helps you because it really has helped me over the years!! good luck sweety i know what you saying i have my moments too but dont let them get the better of you.

Don't watch the news. The media is full of bull **** to scare you. Especially when he deploys. bc hearing about that crap will make ur life 10x worse.