So Jason was going to leave October 11th for boot camp yesterday they told him he was leaving August 9th and today they told him has leaving August 27th... now don’t get me wrong I’m so glad he will be with me longer but is this something I need to get used to them always changing their mind?
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o yes constantly he is theirs now and they will do what they want w him! hell be ok tho long road ahead

Ooh yea lol like I’m excited to be pregnant but the giving birth part scares me : / he is very respectful already but he’s only 21 he still has some growing up to do. . idk if this sounds weird but I’m just ready for him to go to boot and come home yet at the same time it makes me sad.. I’m just ready to start our life after I’m done with school and he’s done with training

That would be a really cute idea but I don’t have a video cam... my normal cam might work though. and I also won’t be anywhere near his friends or family but yea that still is a cute idea to do like every night just do a little clip for him! yeayaa I’m sooo excited for you I love babies I can’t wait to have one of my own!

Thanks! congrates on the baby!!! do you know if its a girl or boy yet?

Yes that would be a good surprise!! But I came up with a good idea today to keep me busy... I was going to write a journal but I’m going to do a scrap book instead and put journal entries and things in it! At least it will keep my hands busy.

he is going to PI.. it something we both are going to get used to thank you all for the advise.. who knows maybe well run into each other one day lol

Just as sam and Ashley said yes they change there minds all the time for example when my boyfriend enlisted his ship date to boot camp was in January then they moved it to May, then june then march then april and then april came and they moved it from May 30th to May 9th and then they finally stuck with May 16th and that was when he left. Where is your boyfriend going to go for bootcamp? PI or SD? It is just part of the Marines we have to get use to it and live with it. unfortanetly they not only control our men now they control us too because we are with them. Just like poor Ashley she almost didnt get to have her wedding that she had planned. that had to have been a scary time for you girl. Hang in there and good luck if you have any questions feel free to message me. <br />
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Yes definately they change thier minds like they change their underwear!!! Jason was going to be deployed in July then september then they said dec now they thinking nov or again oct but he's in training until oct so he might not even come home. they've also changed thier minds on deploying and not deploying him like ten times already we currently back on deployment in november. so yes they do that what makes this so much fun!!!

Thank you so much its nice to know that people are dealing with the same things!