Another Message From Aaron

I got another message from Aaron today. He finally got an address!! I'm so happy because once he starts moving more I'm afraid we wont be able to talk on facebook anymore. I cant wait to write him our first real letter :D
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

That's so true...we are lucky girls! :) Letters really are the best. He also sent me a message today. He said he found a spot where he had a service---but i missed it unfortunately :( and when I answered he must have moved already.

That is great girl. Letters are awesome. I love every letter that i have gotten fro Trey. They will mean so much to you and you will be able to "have love letters" most people dont really get those anymore so us Marine girls that do I think it is something very special. It is the one thing we can say we get that normal couples dont. I have a girl friend and i was hang out with her boyfriend and her and she said i want love letters baby. and he said well you have me and that is good enough. It made me realize how special it is to really get those "love letters" from your man. I am happy for you. Now write write write him.. =)

Aw yay thats awesome i love letters so i know how you feel!! so happy for you