I Need Help Please

me and my Marine are not together anymore he broke up with me on his 10 day leave from bootcamp it hurts and still does and even though it was hard i saw him before he left for mos and it was a lil harsh but i didnt want to let it go sour and i still wanted to be there for him and i was

here some back ground info

we had our problems and i gave a few chances to change and show me he i mean something to him and he did and it was wonderful everything was fine untill he got his phone after graduation and became additched to it and ignored me and showed me nothing he said he changed and feels no emotions and his sex drive is gone which hurt my feelings alot and made me worry and worry and i would text him and he didnt seem to respond as much which made me question him muilple times and he would get mad but i wanted it off my chest and he said really nothing at all to me which botherd me but anyways the one thing that made me mad was his neglect to me for those days we were together  we had our good times and then i found out he had some old highschool friends over around 2 am that he talked to before on facebook but hasnt hung out since highschool which botherd me and i told him how dispresctful that was and everything and he got the picture but still acted shady and on his bros graduaton party i talked to him about a letter he sent me about when we get alone time we would be together and hes like idk ive changed im not the person you knew im a killer i am born and killer and i was like wow ok then he took me away fro mthe party and said i was too young to be in a military realtionship and that hes tired of my drama ( i beleive i had a right to talk to him about this) and he went on and when i left hes like maybe after mos and mct we can see if something is there and we hugged and he kissed me on the forehead and i told him ill always be thre for him and everything and i texted him when i got home and we said some nice things to eachother ( im not  being sarcastic we were being nice to eachother)  heres my point we didnt talk afer i said goodbye to him that day when i went to his house to sayg oodbye before he left

i was at work  today and i got a text message from HIM saying just thought id let you know im going to Afgainstan so have fun with life

:( it broke my heart i asked him when is he going but he didnt reply back and i dnt know what to do i asked his mom and i told them id pray for him and im there for his family and that i kinda wish the break up didnt happen and they said us too and that from him texting me maybe its a sign he misses me

and then other people my friend  was like you should nt respond to him hes just doing that to make you feel bad that hes leaving and wants to make you feel bad and he disprected you and hes a *** hole and you dont deserve him and everyone else at m work was saying hes a **** for saying that and he just wants to make me feel bad

i wanted to scream at them and ***** tem out for being so disrepctful seriously ya he hurt me but i have respect for him as a Marine and im not going to just be a ***** to him while hes getting shipped out thats soo rude and  i was just thinking like

why would he text me that like  does he want me back or is he just letting me know? or is he being weird or sumthing  or is he missing me?

and like to be honest im debating if  heever came back to me if i should take him back because i do trust him i feel like i over reacted on something that made him go away and break up with me and like if we did should we get conseling and just have a heart to heart conversation because i love him still yes im vunerable to him but really he is a sweet guy i knw he is and it may be a old line to say but i know he doesnt know whats going on  im just confused and i need your ladys help your the only ones that REALLY understand  i feel so stupid for over reacting and loosing him but im not going to ignore him because he hurt me i want to be there for him because i respect him for fighting fo us and i love him and care about his safety so thanks girls i hope you guys can help

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aww thanks so much im sry u had to go through that too but im glad things worked out for but we shall see wat happens in thefuture and wat it holds i never know with him because he was a lil shqaddy before but not this bad butt we shall see thanks it helped alot take care!! Semper-Fi

omg you literally just told my exact same story!!! Me and my boyfriend broke up during leave for the EXACT same reason. His letters were amazing and so loving and as soon as he came back I instantly saw a real big change and he acted like if the whole world had to bow down to him or something. He also said the same thing about being a killer and how he felt no emotions. So I broke up with him hoping to shock him back into reality and nothing. But a few months later he came around and now we're back together and better than ever! Boot camp seriously affects alot of the guys, its alot to take in physically and especially mentally. The weak minded ones like my boyfriend sadly get affected the most because they let everything the drill sargeants tell them get to them. He'll come around truuust! Just give him a few months to get use to being in the real world again and he'll realize life isin't just about war and killing. Let me put it this way, for three months straight all that got drilled in their heads was violence..That HAS to take a toll on a persons head. I'm definitely not saying he had the right to treat you bad. Definitely not. No girl deserves that especially after waiting for him and being his support system. Hope that helped(:<br />
Semper Fi<3

ohh ok

There is noooo wayy that we wouldve known he was going to Afghan this soon. Isnt he still in MCT?? He wont know where his PDS will be or when he will deploy until after MOS.

thanks you girls it helps alot knowing that you girls understand :)

woooooaaaahhhhhhhh haha deja vu? haha this sounds like chris and i but he came home for R&R and after i waited 9 months thru a deployment he came home and broke up with me in the second week b4 he went back....<br />
<br />
to be honest i think that he is just overwhelmed and doesnt know how to handle it since he is new and he did just get outta boot give him time to balance being a civi sometimes and a Marine....and trying to figure himself out, i know its hard believe me im doing it now, im giving chris space and hes IN afghan....but you have to, im sure he still loves you and just has too much going on so is lashing out at you.. im here if you if you need me

yeah his mom said he signed the papers to go active and idnt know when he graduates MOS hes still MCT or thats what i think

didnt he just get back from boot recently? and when does he graduate MOS?<br />
he wont KNOW when he's deploying until he's at his duty station, and with an actual unit