Possible Exciting News And Epiphanies All In The Same Week!!!

So I have really, really exciting news I just can’t tell anyone yet lol sorry I cant but I’m bursting and it needed to come out soon!!! Once I speak to Jason and the family I’ll blab it all over here in a very excited manner lol!!! As much as I want to blab all over here especially to all of you in a very excited manner I really can’t while not yet anyway!! I also still need it confirmed first!!! Anyway YAY just say YAY its enough for now I promise!!!!

So with Jason and I moving to base when he gets back I’ve been packing up our stuff and found his old year book from the eighth and the twelfth grade and started paging through it and laughed my *** off he was a really weird guy that was until I found my old year books from the same grades and then the packing turned into something completely different and I realized something very important!

1.Our fashion sense is not as shocking as that of the 80’s but seriously have you seen the stuff from the 90’s and now!
2.Our kids are going to look at our photos one day and say OMG MOM/DAD WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!
3.Our hairstyles of today are going to be the talking point for centuries our families will definitely say “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!”
4.One day someone most probably our kids again are going to say “you guys were such a bunch of dorks.”
5.Our sayings like “totally random”, Dude, cool, bro, are going to be the same as sayings like that’s so off the hook, radical, son, master of radical in ten years time.
6.No matter how cool you might be now to your kids you will always be the dork of the century.
7.One day instead of watching MTV you will be watching VH1.
8.No matter how much you say it now the words “That’s not music is just doof doof” will come out your mouth.
9.When we speak about the war we will be referring to this period.
10.You will at some point in your life say “In the good old days.” And most probably say some thing like do you know when I was 15 a newspaper only cost $……”

The sad part is all of it will all happen to all of us!!! Anyway I’ve bored you enough I need to go now I promise I’ll give you that very exciting snippet soon so watch this space it’ll come soon I promise!
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Hehe seriously it just goes to show how **** i am with secrets! I know what u mean i think if i met jason in high school i think my life would be ten times different i'm not sure how but it would be!

I think I am wondering the same thing as cowgirl when it comes to your little secret. But I wont say what I am thinking.<br />
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I've recently looked at my yearbooks and my husbands and I also find them hilarious. I'll just say I am glad that I met him when I did because I think things would be so different if we met when we were younger.

hey you might be on the right track i really suck at secrets and i sometimes give way too much away but no say nothing it's not allowed to come out of anyones mouth until i know!! lol.<br />
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those saying were actually really hard to think up and i have no idea why lol but i'm glad it made you laugh you should have seen me yesturday i thought my sides were about to burst looking at all our old photos we were both such funny looking people seriously it was bad!! i only thought about it because i remember giving my mom and dad such a hard time about the same stuff!!<br />
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i LOVE being married seriously it just feels so permanent and real it really sucks we couldnt go on honeymoon but really i can wait for it because honeymoon means nothing just as long as i'm with him. and he's been really sweet and everytime i speak to him he's like Y ARE YOU NOT HERE!! i swear i feel like i've fallen for him for like the third time. dude i recommend marriage its SO COOL!!! lol ok i need to shut up now!!

Hey Sam, well from what you have just said i think that i have a pretty good idea of what you are going to tell us. and if that is it I am very excited for you... I cant wait to hear what it really is.. =) <br />
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So the rest of your post.. You are so right. and that is the sad part about it. What we think is expensive now is only going to get worse as we get older. Hard to think of though. Hahaha made me laugh when you were talking about the "sayings" but it is so true our kids are gonna be like wth were they thinking..lol.. Your post made me laugh thank you for that.. =) I hope Married life is treating you very well.. <br />
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