Happily Ever After

  I first laid eyes on him at my little brothers baseball game when we were 13 and 14.  I wanted to go down to Rickers but since I was in a town I wasn't familiar with she would only let me go if I went with him.  So we basically spent the whole day together talking about the game because I was to shy to talk about anything else. 

Well the following year we end up seeing each other at school and exchanged cell numbers.  After that we would text each other on and off and got to know one another. 

Then my freshman year came and it was my first day of high school.  I thought for sure we wouldn't talk much because school started.  But when I got off the bus that day I looked behind me and there he was. =) He lived down the street from the house I moved into. From there on we sat together whenever we could and would talk nonstop.  And he would invite me over for bonfires and little parties.

 A couple months later he got his license so he would bring me home everyday.  We always took the longer way home so we could see each other longer.  Few months go by and the winter formal is coming up soon and I really want to go with him but was scared to ask.  Then one day after dropping me of he asked me to go with him as friends.  That's when I first really realized I had feelings for him. 

The night of my dreams finally comes!  He picked me up and we went to the dance.  We had a blast and after it was over we went out to eat.
Months go by and we still talk constantly.  But we were both to scared to tell each other how we really felt about one another.

Months go by and it the 4th of July.  He was in the parade for the Fire Department so I went to go see him before it started.  That night is what really started things off.  He came over basically every night and watched movies and just hung out at my house until around 3am. 
Even though he lived right down the street he always texted me when he got home so I would know he got there ok and we would talk all night long.

But on July 21st when he got home after leaving my house the text was different.  It changed  my life :)
The text said " Will you be my girl ;) "  And well of course my answer was YESSS lol

Time goes by and we have been together for a little over a year.  He left for USMC boot camp on June 14th.  But our love is still as strong as when he left maybe even stronger.  We know we want to be together and that's all we care about no matter how far he has to be.  He may not be with me but he will always be in my heart.  And I will support  him with whatever he wants to do as long as he is happy.  The Marines are what makes him who he is.
And i will love him no matter what.

                                                                                                 I love you Zach forever and always <3

                                                                                                         July 21st, 2009 ~ Forever


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Aww that is such a precious story....

Aww sounds like marriage is in ya'lls future? ;)