It feels like little reminders are everywhere lately. I work at Dairy Queen part time, and the last few nights have been fullllllllllll of Marines. A few nights ago, an elderly couple came in while I was explaining to my coworker that my boyfriend might graduate late from bootcamp because he has pneumonia. They heard, and we spent an hour talking about the Marines because their son is deployed in Afghanistan. I felt bad for them, so I gave them a discount on their Blizzards.
Then last night, a brand new Marine came in wearing dress blues with his family and his girlfriend. He had just graduated boot camp and had just arrived back home. I was the only one available to take their order and I had to fight back tears the entire time. My hands were shaking as I made their ice cream. They got a discount too:)
I'm just being a big baby about all this. Does this happen to anyone else?
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4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Definately not. I always seem to see Camoflauge everywhere I go. I think its totally normal. Hang in there girl :)

you should keep a journal or something like that im making a scrapbook for him!! just do things to keep your mind off of it!

all the time!!! my Bf is in mct (after bootcamp) and well i gotten really good at holding in the tears, you find ways to keep you strong! when you guys see eachother makes up for the time you guys had apart! wen my bf was here after bootcamp it was the best time of my life, its soo crazy but its so worth it!!! be strong girl! you have to for your bf who im sure doesnt want u sad rite!! :)

Girl my bf hasnt even left for bootcamp yet and i cry like a little baby all the time thinking about it. .its hard for me i always think of the future that we are going to have and it scares me but i hold my head up high and im thankful everyday that i have with him. im always looking out for marine stickers and stuff like that and talking to the ladies on here helps so much!! and i CANT wait to see him in his dress blues. . if you ever need to talk im here!!