my bf left for mct on Tuesday! ugh how i miss him so muchsad i feel like the ten days we had together were not enough. this whole experience has showed me how much he loves me and how much i love him, but one again i gotta wait for him, i dint know alot about mct, like if ill be able to hear from him during those 28 days in letters maybe a phone call, this sucks! it sucks even more that i spend my bday with out him! i fell like i have gotten just to not having him around i mean i had to after three months but now i dint know how long it'll be because of his school and its just alot to think about! :( we are thinking of moving in together and he left me to think about everything sad ugh its really tough having your other half away in the marines i dint like sharing sad lol so can you girls give any advice on how am i gonna hear from my bf while he's in mct and after when he leaves for his school will i be able to visit?
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really o thanks alot!!!!!!! i hope he can call me i didnt know bout the ceremony i live like 5 states away but i hope maybe ill make it thanks allot!!!!!!!

my husband called me 3 of the sundays he was there they get a few mins on sundays to call if they have their cell phone with them and if its charged b/c u also dont really have time to charge it and their out in the field alot but if ur close enough by they have a grad ceremony like boot they get from like 3 to 8 on family day then bout 30mins b4 grad they get time to see u and if their bus dont leave out early u can see him after grad