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Well my boyfriend just left for marine boot camp ! We have been dating for 3 years on july 29th! I love him! He has been there for me for everything! I miss him so much! I cant stop crying! Idk how to deal with him leaving! I try to be happy and think oh its not that hard but everything reminds me of him! idk what to do! I talk to my friends and they all try to help but they dont really know how i feel because none of them have anyone in the military! I just wish i could have one more kiss! When he left i could not speak to say anything i was in SHOCK I tried to say something but nothing came out so when they picked him up he said i love you babe i could not say it back or say be safe... nothing! this never happend to me before i usually cant shut up now i feel depressed every time im alone! i wanna just go and see him but we are not allowed! I have not gotten any letters yet? And i check the mail like all the time! I sware the mail man is going to know my name! I tried to talk to his mom but she does not really talk back and we were close i guess she is just upset too! we used to see each other everyday! now i cant see him for... well it feels like forever already! Idk how im going to get through this! I miss his smile and his blue eyes! and all our inside jokes! I miss waking up next to him and being able to cuddle and saying i love you or just even say anything at all! I miss his kisses and hugs! and everything that he used to do that made me mad makes me sad because i think wow we wasted that time fighting when we could have been just loving each other and spending time together! I walk around wearing his sweat shirt because it smells like him and i started to cry because the smell of his perfume is going away! He made me a video of him before he left and i cant stop watching it! I call His phone just to hear his voice! And for some reason i check my phone to see maybe he called but i know he didnt! I just miss him so much i love him idk what im going to do!!!!
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Message me if you want to talk, my boyfriend leaves in 2 weeks and I am getting soo nervous!! I'm really emotional. We see eachother everyday and now hes soon to leave to boot camp. We've been together almost 11 months and he'll be gone for our 1 year :(<br />
Hang in there, I would love to talk and have a shoulder to cry on too.<br />
I know how you will feel in 2 weeks. I love my boyfriend and we had fought months ago, but things have gotten much better. I just realize that i wish we had more time to just be happy and not worry, but now I'm counting the days we have left :( I'm super emotional.

Hey girl, I know right now that you feel like you are not going to be able to make it and this is the hardest thing that you have gone through. I am not gonna lie it still sucks for me and Trey is in the crucible right now. It is so hard for me I worry constantly that he makes it through. But i can tell you that the time does go a lot faste than you think it will right now. I remember the day he left like it was yesterday and now he is going to be graduating in a week. People that havn't been in this situation do not understand, but that is the good thing about this web page every one understands and really can help. Just really stay busy but if you want to take a day to cry go ahead believe me it is normal to do that. Especially since yall spent so much time together.. But i am not gonna tell you it gets easier but i dont think it really does I think that we just get more use to them being gone but you will still miss him like crazy. That first letter you get will rock your world though. Do not worry about the little fights that yall had before he left, Ever couple fights it is just part of being i a relationship if you dont fight someone is giving to much. Just hang in there girl. It will be over before you know it. Where is he at? <br />
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I am Aly by the way. I have been through all of that so If you need anything please message me. <br />
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how long has he been at boot it took about 17 days after my husband left to get my first letter and yes i checked the mail everyday but once i got that first letter i was so much better and after that i would get one or 2 a week and send my letters out everyday except sundays and like everyone else said you are whats going to get him through its tough b/c the instructors have no sympathy for them so you are going to have to be his rock his encouragement always tell him how proud you are of him and that u know he can make it my husband told me that I and god were what got him through b/c they let them go to chapel on sunday's for about an hour if they choose to go i advise to go god always helps you in your times of need .... semper fi message me up here if you need anything especially if he's at parris island my husband went there and i still have all of the info on family day graduation and everything ! names shenell by the way

you sound like me when my bf had ust left for bootcamp!! trust me we all been there!! all i can say is, it F**** hurts!!! but it got easier for me by the third week!! me and my bf use to fight alot before he left and it been an intense 3 months not being sure of how things were going to be once he was back, but he was amazing and soo much caring and grown up and showed me that he lloves me every second so dont worry the months of waiting are soo worth it even though they are really hard, my friends couldnt help either nobody understood my pain, but i made it through so will you!!!! you'll get letters dont worry i was scared bout not getting letters either but you'll get them!!! you are his motivation trust me!!! it'll be you who would help him get through everything so its iimportant that you are strong!! when you get his address send him letters everyday and pictures too!!! letters are like Gods gift in bootcamp! :) and most important go to his grad!!!!! i kept in touch with his mom, i leted her know things from the letters i would get, my bf just graduated bootcamp july 16 and i went to his graduation!! now he's in mct (after bootcamp trainning) and i wont have any comunication with him for a month then he's off to school! it all sounds so crazy and scary , but trust me during this time youll discover yourself and youll be stronger than youll ever be for your relationship with the man you love!!! have faith you'll be alright even though the first weeks are the wrost!! youll prob get a letter after the 2 first weeks in bootcamp! good luck if anything you can talk to me! i been through it already maybe i can help!

you'll be okay (: expect a letter around the 2nd or 3rd week. your gonna see how this experience strengthens your relationship so muchh (: any ?'s just message me!<br />
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