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my ex bf keeps texting me when he can at mct  and i posted something on facebook relating to the marines and he saw it and texted me  soooo heres the texts so i hope you ladies can give me sum insigght on what i should do and what i should not do because im still a lil stechy on everything

ohh and ps i dont text him at all hes always then one to text me and this is the second time its happend

my ex : * so nice post u have on your facebook and i know its about me so thanks for making me the bad guy but oh well and yes i9 still carry your pic around with me so yeah be safe *

me *i know my status wasnt nice im sry im still hurting i miss  you and im trying to enjoy my life but it not so good and ur not a bad guy im just sad

*him well i still love you and miss you it maybe stupid tp say but i thought i would tell you and the monday i left im sry that i was an ******* i was not in the right state of mind

 me  you wernt for the whole week that why i wanted to talk to you cuz u were hurting me so badi love you too and i miss you and i think it went to your head

him * what went to my head

me*what they said to you in bootcamp u changed with me and it hurt because i felt like i lost you and i didnt mean to nag you so much about everything i just wanted to know

him*its not that they changed me its i have honor courage and  commitment in my head and idk how to show it

me* well to be honest u didnt do a good job you realy should of talked to me and said we need to tal insitead of me getting mat you and thinking you were doing stuff behind my back and you should of showed me more respect to me then what you gave me

himok yes i should have but this is new so idk how to show it and you know that  and talking lol u know how that gos lmao ( he really does suck at talking)

me *i know its new for you but i was your gf i felt so alone when i was with you becauseu were happyier with  friends then with me and yeah yoiu really do suck at talking

him* i try but i have fun with everybody

me * i know but i wanted u to have have with me  and the way you accted toward me hurt me i left like u hated me and you brought me down and made me think negative

and he said no i was having fun with you

me ok well i have havign fun with you tooi just didnt like the feeling i was getting when id drive to your house and when i would leave it just sucked

him * yeah i know and im sry

and they he had to go because they were taking hisphone away but he asked if he could text me again when he got his phone back and i said should and he said be safe and postive

idk if i should even think about getting back together with him or having a long conersation with him about EVERYTHING  or wait till ghe gets his phone back and see what happens

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yeah everyone has good advice here and i take what they say and put it into what me and him have been through but im going to see what happens and just let it takes it course and still be there for him and a supporter of what he does thanks girls<br />
<br />

hey i think its up to you Sam and Shannell both have good points but remember you dont have to do anything you dont want to if you dont want to get back together with him then dont but if you want answers and see where you go from there then do it!! good luck trying to figure it out!!

hey i think that maybe having a conversation with him might be the best thing for even if it for you to get some kind of closure even if it helps you understand a bit more. but go into without the idea of getting together you dont have if you want to clear things up this is the best way to do it. good luck

i would talk to him thats one thing that is always a working progress in being open and talking communication see what he says u never know