He Came Home And Now Hes Gone :(

So last time I wrote was probably in June. Since then Ive seen my baby a few times. we made it official ( b/f gf) after the 4th of July which was the first time we seen each other after talking for 7 months. It was an amazing not to sound like a corny fairytale, but it felt like we have been with each other for months. after the 4th I was dying to see him again I missed him so much, so he took some leave, came home to see his fam and of course me. I had to be patient tho, bc he hadnt seen his fam since the holidays , so although I wanted to see him every day, I couldn't. But the times we did see each other, got better every time. I met his family and his close friends, it was great to experience his time home got closer to him and just enjoyed being in his arms. he left yesterday, spent the majority of the day with him. Told me all day to be strong that I will be OK when he leaves... (went back to VA where hes stationed) I knew I would be but i felt this incredible sinking feeling in my heart. What if we wont make it.. what if he gets tired of this distance.. I think I'm gonna go crazy if i don't see him by at least oct. But i will remain strong and I have faith that we will make it. Hes nothing i ever met before, if you could describe the perfect guy that completes you.. its him in a nut shell. I know everyone says this but he just fits into exactly what i want in a guy and balances me out. just like i balance him. But hes gone... i cried... not in front of him bc he told me to suck it up lol. yes can you believe that he told me to suck it up and stay strong... i think he said that for him self as well. it makes since if every time he leaves he gets emotional he won't be able to do his job. i appreciate everything he does, The things these men do on a daily basis the sacrifice they give just to do there job is incredible. I think that's why I am so drawn to him, he does more things in one day than most men do in their life time. His passion his drive his maturity, that why I can't get enough of my marine. and even tho he is gone, I know he is worth the wait. this feeling of loneliness probably wont go away.. but its something i will deal with. I can't wait to skype him tonight <3 miss you baby
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it never get's easy having to say goodbye to the one you love knowing it's going to be months before you get to see them again. My boyfriend took leave for the whole month of july and went back to okinawa on the 27th. it was so hard not to cry but trust me its just as hard on the as it is on us. Mine couldn't bare to see me cry as he walked through security knowing i couldn't follow he himself had tears falling. but what must keep you going is knowin that he's thinking of you and misses you greatly. That he will becoming home to you. remember your never far from him, because your in his heart your always close to him

Hey Sams right i dont think it ever gets easier but in some ways it gets better because you learn to cope with it better a lot better. i remember trying to pick fights with AJ like a week before because i knew it would be easier to say bye or see you later but honestly it isnt and at that stage we were just friends. so yes it sucks big time but honestly like Sam said you get tougher and you get stronger you suck it up and keep the chin held high! By the way AJ also said that if i cry in front of him at the airport he almost wants to make a dissapearing act with me and never look and i also like sam i promised myself to never cry when saying good bye a toughy i know but if it makes it easier on him then i'll do anything i can! and sweety everything you feeling right now and all those thoughts that are going through you head right now have happened to every single one of us at some point its normal it happens but you will be alright so good luck you can do this just stay positive and if you need anything please feel free to message me!!

aw girl i'm really happy for you it sounds good!! Jason told me at the airport before he left that if i cry in front of him before he leaves he will never able to ever i promised myself to never ever cry in front of him at the airport when he's about to leave its tough really tough especially because i dont bl<x>ink for like 10 min and my eyes get red lol i'm kidding but you get the idea! but seriously it doesnt get easier saying goodbye or see you later you just gets tougher everytime you do it. Jas has left three times and my hardest and toughest time to keep it together was the last one and my hardest time being away from him is now right this very second but i'm coping and dealing with it 10x better than when he went to bootcamp. Girl good luck just hang in there it wont get easier but you'll get tougher and deal with it better just believe in yourself and each other. and yes i think about Jason a lot more than should and i miss him every second but again its something you just learn to deal with! Good luck and message me anytime!!