Made Me Cry

I dont know if any of you have seen this before but i found it and made me cry so i thought i would post it!

Loving a Marine is not always gay
and loving them is a high price to pay.
Its mostly loving with nothing to hold.
Its being young, yet feeling old.

Its having them whisper their love to you.
Its whispering back that you love them too.
Then comes a kiss, a promise of love,
knowing you're watched, approved from above.
Reluctantly, painfully letting them go,
While you're dying inside from wanting them so.
Watching them leave with eyes full of tears.
Standing alone with hopes, dreams and fears.

Its sending a letter with the stamp upside down
to a far away love in a far away town.
It's going to church to kneel and pray,
and really meaning the things that you say.
And though you know that they are far away,
you keep on loving them more each day.
Being in love will merit your dreams,
with thoughts of heaven where love's light gleams.

Days go by and no mail for a spell,
you wait for some word to hear that they are well.
Then the letter arrives and you're given to joy,
you're like a small child with a shining new toy.
With fingers a tremble and heart beating fast,
you tear open the letter and read it at last!

Yes, all is well, and they miss you so,
and it's filled with the love you wanted to know.
Weeks are a month and months are a year,
you're awaiting the day you'll have no more fear.
Time passes slowly, yet it's gone very fast,
you're barely aware its here, till it's past.

Yes, loving a Marine brings bitterness and tears,
loneliness, sadness, and despondent years.
Loving a Marine really isn't much fun,
BUT it's well worth the price when the battle is won.

Remember they are thinking of you every day.
They are sad and lonely for being away.
So love them, miss them and try to be serene and
Lindsey054 Lindsey054
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 1, 2010

aww this is really sweet. thanks for sharing it !

aw i love this thanks for posting!!

Aw i love this and i'm also crying but have like cold shivers runing down my spine!! thanks for sharing!!