So my future marine leaves in October! It's so close, and I cannot wait for him to get out there and do his thing! haha Anyway, the reason Im writing! A couple of days ago, Jonathan told me he had something VERY special planned for me before I leave for college....!!! He wants to keep it a surprise, but ya know, I just wanna KNOW! So, he ended up telling me a part of it. He said he ordered "the gift" and it's on its way. What does that mean?! We have been dating for a year now, so makes me wonder. He won't give me any other information though. Like what we're doing, where we're going, it's allll a surprise. Man, I'm in love with this guy. I'll miss him VERY much when he leaves, but I have no worries because I'm thinking I'll be staying in his life for a while! I'll tell yall what happens whenever it happens!! Stay strong ladies, I pray for you and your men everyday!
Semper Fi
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My boyfriend leaves in 2 weeks!! Ahhh I'm soo nervous :)<br />
awhhh i wanna hear what he got you! :)

I cant wait to find out what the surprise is!! Good luck i know you dying to find out

Ooo its sounds exciting keep up posted!!