Has It Already Been A Year?!

So its mine and AJ’s one year today at 12:00 this morning I got this message, “Happy anniversary my angel I just wanted to say I love you and miss you a lot I’ll think of you all day today. So keep smiling and know that the last year has made me smile every single day. I love you I always will!” I was leaving to go home so I text him back and said that I loved him too he phoned half an hour later here is our conversation:
A: are you still up?
S: I just got back from work.
A: hmm that explains it I should have known you work way too hard.
S: whatever AJ. Why are you up?
A: I set my alarm clock it made Don extremely happy with me
S: can you believe it’s been a year where did it go because dude it’s flown by I’m sure you just got back from Iraq
A: no I can’t but I also say I haven’t definitely not just come back from Iraq either. so I made a news years resolution
S: AJ its August
A: I know but this one is more about us than anything else.
S: ok I’m listening.
A: I’ve decide that this next year I’m going to spoil you rotten like badly maybe I’ll break down some of the walls you’ve built around yourself and hopefully sweep you off your feet then the next year I’m going to marry you.
S: are we going to ride off into the sunset
A: I hope so.
S: AJ I’ll let you in on a little secret you’ve already swept me off my feet and those walls I built around myself were never an attempt to keep you out.
A: Really! Ha fancy that I actually like that thought!
S: you really enjoy my confessions don’t you?
A: yup how long was your shift
S: 72 hours why
A: the longer the shift the better the confession!
S: you a funny little ****
A: I’ll phone you later go sleep I can tell you tired
S: What no confession that you’d like to hear!
A: Storm I got you to confess you liked me after an 82 hour shift and then to admit how you felt after 96 hours a 72 hour is peanuts to what I’ve already got you to confess.
S: nice so you only want confessions that are over 82 hours.
A: Pretty much the longer the shift the better the confession! I love you now go to sleep.
S: love you too and I’ll speak to you later!

So there it is AJ and I have been together for a year today I cant believe it this year has just flown by anyway I’m about to actually fall asleep in front of this computer!! Enjoy your day girls I hope it’s really good for all of you!!
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

HOLY CRAP DUDE HAS IT REALLY BEEN A FRIGGING YEAR!!!! lol and **** loads has happened you fall for your best friend and go to Darfur i go through boot camp get married and now preggies man is there ever a break and apprently there's more wedding bells soon YAY i'm so happy Aunty Storm!! love you girl come home i want to do the jiggy dance with you!!

Thank u! That came as a bit of a shock to me as well but yay anyway!

Happy Anniversary! one done and more to go:D Have a great day!!