A New Beginning.

I am a Wife of a United States Marine. Michael is a Private First Class, Motor T. We just got stationed in 29 Palms and were hunting for a hosue off base atm. Its been such a roller coaster adventure, but here we are. looking forward to talking to you girls.
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we just found a house and were settling in it. we found it, got it, and moved in, within three days of being in town. talk about luck. its in 29 palms. its a cute little one bedroom house with a little area for our german shepard pup to run around in. im relieved that were not staying at the motel six anymore!!! lol. find me on facebook, its easier to talk. =]<br />
Kimberly Susannah Nelson.<br />
oh, and Mikes in 1/7. as far as i know, i think. lol.

Finding a house in town can be hard but it took us less time to find a place in town than we would have waited for housing. My husband was very set on living in town, he said when he gets off work he really wants to feel like he's getting away from it.

oh and trav works with motor t like it's cool. and they always play baseball and whatnot against eachother! haha. i'm sure i'll see you around..<br />
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trav is a heavy equipment operator.

i agree with heather...it's hard to find a house in town. we looked foreverrrr. we waited a month for a house in joe davis. i'm home at the moment, but should be back when trav is back from afghan. i'm katie, btw. welcomeee.

me 2 we are searching off base b/c the on base is a 3 to 6 month waiting list yuck

so far were doing alright. we found a place we liked last night and we meet with the guy tonight when he gets out. im keeping EVERYTHING in my body crossed that we get it! how long have you been here??

Have you had any luck finding a place in town? Finding a place can be difficult just because it seems like there are more people than houses out here.

ive been seeing theres about a bajillion MIKES around here, lol. if you ladies ever come to visit or live let me know!! =]