3 Weeks Down, 15 More To Go...

My Marine's deployment isn't very long and isn't as dangerous as many of yours. He's on a Naval ship on a humanitarian mission until November, but I already feel like that is years away.

I feel guilty for feeling so sad all the time about him being gone, because it's not a year, it's not Afghanistan (although my brother deploys there for a year in October with the Army Rangers and I am petrified); he is doing his job and advancing his career by being on this mission and I should be proud of him and happy that he found something like this deployment.

My Marine isn't my husband, he's my boyfriend. From the reading I've been doing, I've learned not to say "I'm just his girlfriend" because I don't love or adore him any less than I would if we were married. When he gets back, we'll have been dating for a year and 4 days. It makes me so sad to think I have to go through these next 3 months without him, with no chance of creating memories and experiencing things together. I find this to be a formative period in our relationship and parts of me are worried I won't be able to handle it.

I probably won't cry any less when we get off the phone or when I sign an email to him, but knowing other people are going through what I am going through and hearing their stories helps to pass the time and feel more at ease with it all.

I am looking for advice from girlfriends on how to get through this, things you've been told from your Marines, anything. I just want to breathe easy during the day and I don't want to feel like my heart is breaking every night.
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What ship is your marine on? Mine is currently deployed with the 15th MEU. So I know where you're coming from about sometimes feeling guilty about hating this deployment, because he isn't in combat & so many other significant others have it much worse than I do...but it is still very hard. Especially when communication SUCKS. lol

hi. :) i'm katie.<br />
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trav was in japan for two years before this deployment, and i seriously think anything dealing with distance is hard. it sucks being away from them no matter where they are.i worry so much more knowing he's in a combat zone, but i've experienced it from your perspective as well. everyone has their bad days, there are times where i can't even concentrate on work, or handle a chick flick, but other times i'm completely fine. it's okay to cry...the best way i've come to perceive this whole deployment is "i can live without him, i just don't want to" travis will also be returning in november, and i can't wait until i run into his arms again.<br />
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if you ever need anything, i'm here.

My name is Heather and my husband is currently finishing up his tour in Afghanistan. I think any deployment is tough no matter how long or where its to. We all miss our men and we all have things that we have to face that they would normally help us with.<br />
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Some days the heartache is unavoidable but I think focusing on the love the you share and the fact that when he comes home he's coming home to you makes it more bearable.

hey welcome! my name is Sam and Jason is my husband we've been married for a month now yesturday but have been going out for three years prior to our marriage! Jason has never deployed and only enlisted last year so he's still training but we think he may get deployed in November. i think every deployment no matter where they go will be tough i dont think just because he's not in a "danger zone" makes it any easier yes the risk is less but its just as tough!! so hang in there and really dont feel bad about it and welcome to the sight!