I Miss His Kisses

O~H M~Y G~O~S~H!!!!!!! Auston is halfway through/halfway done with basic in San Diego and I freaking miss his kisses like crazy!!! I want one SO bad!!! I, luckily, recorded us kissing a little bit and I watch it like 5 times a day! WAHHHHHH I just had to post it and tell everyone that I miss Auston's kisses. lol Only 44 more days until I get one!! :)
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Amen sister!! I think of all the times he wanted one more kiss for something and I said no Auston I'm trying to watch the movie or something. lol Now I would kill to go back in time to get that one extra kiss! I ask myself what was so hard about just giving him the damn kiss! lol. <br />
I'm sure time will fly by until I get to like the last week to 2 weeks and then it'll drag just to **** me off. lol<br />
I read a shirt just recently that said like hug, kiss, and sex deprived for your freedom. I thought that was hilarious! lol

aw yay!!! congrats girl it'll start to fly by now watch!! i know what you mean seriously i keep going back to the last time i kissed Jason and i'm like why didnt i just kiss him one more time!! i think our monthly quota of kisses is real ****** something should be done about that!! lol