*this is more or less specifically for the gals who also have a Marine that has deployed.

       Have any of you noticed a change in your Marine and his sex drive since being back from his deployment? I'm not specifically talking about wanting more sex (I feel like that is a given for any man that's been away from his loved one for a long period of time), let me just be frank and go out on a limb here.

        He wants me to choke, slap, and many other submissive things. Im not complaining and I am all gung ho for it, I just was wondering if anyone thinks this is directly related to them being in Iraq. Jace and I have had many talks about horrible things he's done in Iraq and how guilty he feels for doing them. I just want to make sure that mentally he is alright. He is always wanting to be "punished" and I just want to make sure it's all fun and games and doesn't go more in depth than that.

anyway, sorry you guys I was just a little concerned because he's the love of my life and his happiness is number one for me.
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thank you that was wonderful advice:)

he refuses to see anyone or talk to anyone but me about things. he was diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago. A piece of me does feel like all of this has come about because of the things he's seen and been put through. I feel like this is almost his way of dealing with things. Either way our sex life is great and that isn't exactly what this question is about, Im all for trying new things and making him happy. I just dont want to hurt hi m mentally more by us doing these things.

Maybe now that you've made it through a deployment he feels like he can trust you with everything even more so.. So maybe he just feels more comfortable... Maybe it had always been a fantasy of his secretly and he's just now talking about it. Sounds normal to me.

I think she has every right to wonder where its coming from if its not something they did before he deployed. <br />
<br />
I think maybe subtly asking where or when he got the idea to try it out wouldn't do any harm. I definitely wouldn't flat out say is this a war thing. But thats just my thoughts. my husband is not quite home from deployment yet and so I haven't seen how it might effect him.

Ummmm....Idk man, that seems ok to me that hes like that now that hes back, maybe some people told him about it while he was there and maybe thought he might enjoy it?...Its always fun to try new things, i wouldnt worry to much about it.