So Here It Is My Exciting News!!!!

Alright I spoke to Jason and I’ve told the family now I can blab in an excited manner lol!!! But first here’s how my conversation went with Jason then I start the babble:
J: Hey Sam. Do you know I have a month and then I’ll be home?
S: I do and its still way too long but its fine I can do a month I suppose. Jason, tell me something, how do you really feel about starting a family?
J: Excited, nervous but honestly I can’t wait.
S: How does eight months sound?
J: Sam unless you fell pregnant at our wedding its pretty impossible.
S: Um, Jason
J: Sam, are you pregnant?
J: You ******** me are serious!
S: Yes, I mean no, I mean!! **** Jas!! Yes I’m being very serious! I’ve been feeling off for the last couple of weeks and thought I was just getting sick but never actually getting sick. I eventually went to the doctor and he called me in and said well it’s definitely a bug and we can’t do anything about it for the next eight months. Then congratulated me and told me I was pregnant and then called me Mrs. Sutton.
J: you pregnant you are having our child.
S: yes Jason I’m having our child.
J: How?
S: um Jas do I really have to explain this to you or should I just pretend you never asked that question.
J: Funny Sam. Oh crap it was that night wasn’t it but that’s like the first time we ever … oh Wow ok!
S: Jas are you ok or are you about to freak out on me I know huge shock right but -
J: no Sam seriously I’m fine in shock but fine we really are having a family now aren’t we no turning back and I’m fine with it actually I think I do a little jiggy dance right on the this spot I’m on right now!
S: You sure I know we planned this completely differently because honestly I’ve had more time to think about it and I’m really getting used to the idea.
J:Sam listen to me carefully I’m fine I’m happy I’m completely alright with having a child with you right now. I’m happy with everything I love so much right now do you know that more than ever before!!! Did the Doctor really call you Mrs Sutton that really has an awesome ring to it!
S (crying now) : I love you too now hurry up and get home! Bug and I miss you so much just move that sexy *** of yours in my direction and make it move faster than normal!!
So there it is girls I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!! I know we shouldn’t say anything until after the first trimester but honestly I’ve been bursting with this news for more than a week now! I’m having Jason’s child and I’m so excited!!!! I’M GOING TO BE A MOTHER!!!!!!!! It is a bit of a shock but honestly I would not have it any other way our lives are going to change drastically on all fronts but I suspect in Feb/March 2011 I really am going to be the happiest person in the world! ok yes bug was a huge mistake and was like the first time we ever didn’t take any kind of precaution lol but I’m not looking at it that way I know the timing is way off but you know what I don’t care and neither does Jason he’s over the moon about it and so am I!! By the way I’m almost at the point of doing a little Jiggy dance on this spot too!!!
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awwwwwwww congrats

Congrats! I got pregnant on my wedding night too. And I took 5 pregnancy tests, lol. I know that feeling, 'it couldn't have happened that quickly!' God bless you for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Sam, I am sooo very happy for yall That is just awesome news and you know that I love happy stories. I just dont even know what all to say besides congrats.. It sounds like you are very ready for this and want this very bad and that is so wonderful.. =) I cant wait for all of the updates. I hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy and I am sure you will make a wonderful mother.. =) <br />
<br />

Lol i did not order him to anything the big baby! Yay i'm going to be a mommy!!

Aw but then there's mommy sam and daddy jason too lol! How much have i lives changed in the last 12 months! Yup jas phoned this morning and was like i was ordered to phone u i suppose u know u about to be an aunt in a few months i know i said in about a year but plans changed not that i'm complaining i couldn't wait anymore ! Then he was like **** sam and i are going to be parents i'm going to be a father and u going to be a aunt how ready are we for this **** i just laughed and was like apprentely very i'm more worried about mom and dad becoming grandparents and he's like oh crap they going to kick my *** aren't they lol.

Thank u!

Congrats :)

Lol i think i've told everyone! I was about to explode. And i know u just as excited to be a aunt lol your official new name is aunty storm lol have you heard from your brother yet he phoned this morning and i'm like jason phone your sister and your parents and speak to me later so he's like fine lol i still don't know if he has!

Lol yay u really were about to explode and i'm so happy for both of u. Congrats sam i loved the news even if i've heard it twice lol! See u later lots and lots of love!!

Lol aw girl it'll happen just be patient yes we have an oops and the big plan has gone all pear shaped but u really have to be ready for it and i think we are we've spoken about kids for a long time it just happened sooner than we thought A LOT SOONER lol!

thanks it was a huge shock for me i thought the 30 pregnancy tests i took were all faulty before i went to the doc lol i actually thought there no possible way this can be happening then the same thought process Jas had happened with me and i'm like oh crap lol!! <br />
<br />
it is awesome though i'm so happy and i'm so happy that Jason is happy to i knew he'd be alright i just didnt know how alright but he's really really really ok with this!!

Awww congratulations!! Best of luck to you both =]

thank you!!!