Been awhile hu?....
Soooo how is everyoneeee...Im doing awesome, so excited to start college this month! anddd, I signed up for 4 classes one was online and i wanted to see if i could get a credit for it, and just take the exam to see if i dont have to take the class and pay 110$ for a book...and i passed it! :) yay lol. I hate online classes i find myself not being motivated to do them. Neway job is still ok, kinda got hours cut but its whatever, its a part time job it happens some weeks...He said it just cuz ppl that have been there longer are gonna get the most hours now since there gonna be closing soon. There not open in the winter time.
Ummmmm, my bday is the 23rd! :) I'll be 22!, kinda mad about how his sgt wont give him that monday of my bday off, and we had planned to be out of town in VA all that weekend & my bday but noooooo guess that aint happening so we prob going the weekend after my bday since its labor day and he will already have that monday off neway...Just mad cuz were going to Bush Gardens and Water Country USA an a Winery, and i have a feeling it will be suuuuuuper packed that weekend.. :( but, **** happens its the MARINE CORPS! of course!.....butttt what else, ehhhh nothin really haha, going on a date tonight with my girl kelly for sushi and wine then going to a soccer game to watch my hubster....Deployment is still a year away dates haven't changed...Not ever gonna be ready for him to leave again, but im ready to see how we turn out being away again and knowing what not to do and see if we actually pull thru it strong or hopefully stronger. Welp thats about it ladies.
Im outta here..
Ducesss <3
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Aw way everything sounds so exciting good luck and happy b-day hope u have an awesome day regardless! Enjoy tonight and have fun!