The Crucible

Hey Girls,

Well Trey is almost dont with boot camp, He is going through the Crucible right now I am a nervous wreck. I know that he can do it he is very tough and prepared, but the only thing that I worry about is the heat. Last week the guys that are graduating this week he got to talk to them and he said that 33 recruits fell out and that it was a heat index of 128 during the day one day. Now i dont think it is that hot this week but I know it is still really hot. I am just really worried about him. I know this is going to be the hardest thing that he has done. I cant wait for it to all be over. I have been told that he will get a phone call after the crucible. How many of yall got one??? I really hope that he does get one.... This time next week I will be at Parris Island walking around with him and him showing me everything. I am so excited for that day. I am ready to see him again. I hope that yall are doing well.

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Thank you girl he signed up for a combat engineer. That would be awesome. Im not gonna hold my breath but that would be wonderful if he did get to come home for a little bit after everything. I hope that you get to see Aaron soon too girl.

I know that aaron signed up to be a recon marine--I dont know what your man signed up for, but I know that the guys got a surprise 30day leave after they finished everything. Maybe you'll have more to look forward too.<br />
good luck, have fun :)

Sam, Thank You so much for all of that. I can not wait for sunday now. I am not looking for the phone call I think that he will call his dad but if he does call me I will tell you right away. =) I am ok with a one minute phone call that is fine with me anything will make me so happy. I am so glad to know that they have a liberty day and can do whatever they want. That has to feel so awesome to them after all that they have been through. I am pretty much a nervous wreck about all of this sunday cant come soon enough lets say that. Thank you so much for the thumbs up girl. that means a lot I will let you know as soon as i hear anything. I hope that your pregnancy is going well I am so excited for yall.. =) Take care we will talk soon. Again thank you. =) <br />
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hey Aly you've done so well through this whole thing i'm so happy you nearly done and then you can see YOUR MAN!! <br />
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ok so on the last Sunday of bootcamp they get a liberty day were they allowed to do anything like shop hang out that sort of thing. it also includes one phone call and they decide who they call and its completely up to them and when they make the call the lines are almost always very long so its not a long conversation and thats only if the phones are working. i never thought he'd call me because i always thought he'd phone his mom so when i got it i was shocked that he had and after not hearing from him for so long i didnt recognise his voice it was probably the wierdest but one of the most amamzing calls of my life i hope you get the call its one you wont forget!!! <br />
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So Jason went to PI as well and his crucible was in the middle of winter i thought i would go insane with worry because of frost bite and he said in some of his letters how cold it was and wished he was back in sunny hawaii lol so it was a huge concern for me as well its natural the only thing you can do is stay positive keep the faith and keep believing he's tough and should be fine i'm holding thumbs for both you and him!!!<br />
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i'm soo excited for you lets us know if you get the call!! i cant wait!!

Thanks girl, It has been rough, one day down one in half to go and he will be a UNITED STATES MARINE.... It is so amazing to me. and I am so glad the crap he has been through is almost over. Not long and your man will be done. =) hang in there girl

I am so happy for you! That is so exciting! I'm sure that if he made it through everything else, he can make it through the crucible! Just have faith in him, and in God. YAYYY! I'm so excited for you.