I Need Alittle Help Ladies

    I've heard so many different things about how my boyfriend will be when he gets back from boot camp. Last week, I was talking to woman that just had her husband graduate from Parris Island a year ago. She said he was robotic and unaffectionate for months afterward and is just now getting back to his old self. His family was excited about this because they want every part of him to be different when he returns. I on the other hand nearly broke down when she said he wouldnt even give me a hug after his graduation. I love him so much just the way he is and I know he'll be different but I'm hoping his core personality wont change... anything you guys could tell me would help. thanks

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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

hey i agree!! it depends on the person a lot. i'm not saying that he wont change they do Jason was a bit iffy in the beginning but i think it had everything to do with us not being able to do anything i did hug him when i saw him but after that he didnt touch me. but when we left it was a completely different story. as for the changes Jason has changed in the sense he's more polite to everyone and way more disciplined but he as him is exactly the same as before he's also a lot more less happy about PDA we both have always been like that it hasnt changed it's just we a lot less inclined to kiss in public now more than ever!! The only real big change in him that bugs me is how he talks about death and there were times where he'd get into a mood and says things like you do know you marrying a killer and i'll probably die in the next six months it has stopped because i flipped on him one day but what i'm saying is just be there and speak up when something concerns or worries you!! Cricket and Michelle are right just keep supporting him and being there for him let him know that all the time!!

i agree with Cricket3. My husband went through boot at Parris Island and when i saw him the first time we both cried. He is def one not too cry he didnt hug me but he wasnt allowed to. Its part of the things they tell them before so dont be alarmed if you cant hug. We "snuck" kisses in the car. He was a little shy but what can you expect its been 3months of hell for them. Just let him adjust on his own he will come around. Now i dont know about the "roboticness" i never heard of that. I think that lady was just trying to scare you. If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me!

honestly it all depends. My boyfriend graduated from mcrd sd a little over a year ago and he was a little timid when he first came home, but that was all. If anything he came home more mature and it deff made our relationship better. Don't stress!! Just keep writing and reassuring him that you will be there when he gets home